It seemed like the sport of boxing was gaining all time popularity amongst celebrities and common folk alike when the pandemic hit and gyms were forced to close down. Enter Move It Swift – a pair of boxing gloves that’s smart enough to train you, track your workout progress and motivate you to keep moving. We chatted with the creators of this new product to learn more. 

Who are the team members of your project? What’s their story? 

Eggplant Technologies was founded in Dec 2014 with the focus on developing smart home devices and intelligent health products. We started the “Move It” project in July 2015 to give everyone, from beginner to fitness enthusiasts, a convenient and engaging way to workout.

We are a passionate team of over 40 people, consisting of specialists in product design, software, electrical, mechanical, and backend development, and online community engagement. We are dedicated to creating engaging products that can provide a sense of community to motivate individuals to stay healthy.

Before Move It Swift, our team brought two successful projects to the crowdfunding community including the world’s first Move It Smart Home Gym and the world’s first Move It Speed Smart Reflex Bag.

The Eggplant Technologies team
The Eggplant Technologies team

Tell us where it all began.

For most people, a huge portion of their day is taken up by work and traveling – less and less time can be spent going to the gym. With COVID-19, it’s now even more difficult to access gyms.

The founders of Move It, Ivan, Oscar, and William, believe there should be a more fun and interactive way for people to work out at home. They shouldn’t be limited geographically to the gym nor constrained by its operating hours. Four years ago, they started taking their combined 60 years’ experience in hardware & software development and built a series of Smart Home fitness products including the Move It Smart Home Gym and the Move It Speed Smart Reflex Bag. Now, they’ve brought interactive boxing courses to homes through their latest Move It Swift Smart Boxing Gloves project.

I was sitting at home during the COVID-19 lockdown and thinking that it’s been two full months without any access to the gym and training with my boxing coach. It was frustrating seeing my body weight going up and feeling terrible from the lack of exercise. So I thought why not bring the boxing coach home for my workout.

Oscar from Move It

Tell us about your product.

Move It Swift is a pair of smart boxing gloves with sensors built in that can track your punches (punch type, speed, force, rhythm, intensity, etc.). They connect with the Move It Swift App, which brings interactive boxing courses designed by experienced boxing coaches to you as well as loads of fun social features, like a leaderboard, best moment capture, training stats analytics, and intensity triggered lighting effects. It is a pair of smart boxing gloves that can train you, tell you how well you did, and motivate you with its cool intensity triggered lighting effects as well as the Move It community.

What’s the purpose of your campaign?  

We are raising funds to find enthusiastic backers that share the same belief and vision as ours – bringing cool technology to the market that can help people build regular workout habits into their daily lives. We have completed the design and development of Move It Swift and we plan to use the funds raised for manufacturing and production.

How do you translate your passion for this idea to the backer community?

By backing Move It Swift, you will be rewarded with the world’s first smart boxing gloves with workout intensity lighting effects before anyone else at a super discounted price. This is just the beginning, our team will continue to grow and enhance the Move It Swift App, packing in more fun workout courses and features.

Why did you choose to do crowdfunding?

We believe crowdfunding is the best channel where we can find technology enthusiasts like ourselves.

What are your biggest challenges so far?

Our biggest challenge so far is combining the latest IoT into traditional exercise equipment while ensuring the durability, reliability, and robustness of the equipment. We have spent an enormous amount of development resources to ensure this smooth marriage.

Show your support for the Eggplant Technologies team by backing the Move It Swift campaign today!