For those still counting, it’s August! 

For those who’ve stopped counting — what is time anyway, right? — a quick public service announcement: Groundhog Day was in February, not to be confused with literally every other day since then, and events are still occurring in an irreversible succession from the past into the future. Only a few more yuga cycles till things are back to normal. You’ve got this.

But yes, August! That means it’s time to review our top campaigns of July. We’ve got some good ones, from a beefy power station to some zen-inducing sleep-buds and even a couple of e-bikes.

Here are July’s top campaigns on Indiegogo.

1. Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station

Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station
  • $3,976,696 USD raised
  • 3,810 backers
  • Denver, CO

The Bluetti AC200 solar power station is like your own private power grid. Outputting a colossal 2,000 watts of continuous power, and eschewing traditional fossil fuels to do so, the Bluetti is your ticket to near limitless amounts of clean power, wherever you go. 

The AC200 has multiple port options and can power 17 devices simultaneously, providing you with an insurance policy during power outages and natural disasters. You can recharge the Bluetti via five different methods, but it’s its efficient solar charging that makes it truly stand out. The Bluetti’s solar panels run on Maximum Power Point Tracking technology, allowing you to recharge your personal power plant in only 3.5 hours of sunlight. 

So if you’re fed up with noisy gas generators, or just fed up with being on the grid, the Bluetti has got you covered.

2. Superstrata Bike

Superstrata Bike
  • $3,976,696 USD raised
  • 2,233 backers
  • San Francisco, CA

The basic design of the bicycle hasn’t changed in over 100 years. The team behind the Superstrata Bike is testing this status quo with the world’s first custom 3D-printed unibody carbon fiber e-bike.

Each Superstrata bike is 3D-printed with continuous carbon fiber to custom-fit your size, and all Superstratas rely on precision lasers and robots to manufacture this truly futuristic design. The result is a unibody frame with no lugs, no glue, and no seat tube (!) — just pure space age construction.

Sometimes off-the-shelf bikes just don’t make the cut. Superstrata will make sure you roll into the future, today.

3. Amazfit ZenBuds

Amazfit ZenBuds
  • $1,201,270 USD raised
  • 14,306 backers
  • Cupertino, CA

Huami Amazfit is on a mission to help people improve their health through the wonders of technology. The Amazfit ZenBuds are the latest addition to their line of wearable tech, offering lightweight, noise-canceling earbuds to help you sleep restfully all night long.

The Amazfit ZenBuds are designed to help you get to sleep easily the natural way. No pills, hours of meditating, or clunky white noise machines needed — just comfortable earbuds that lull your ears to sleep. Using natural sounds engineered to help trigger the sleep cycle, Amazfit ZenBuds help mask outside noises that can keep you awake at night. With their skin-soft eartips, they help block outside noises like snoring partners (not that you have one!).

Studies show that getting enough sleep is key to building a strong immune system. So why be one of the 35% of Americans who doesn’t get enough sleep? Keeping a healthy sleep schedule with the ZenBuds.

4. HIMO Z20 E-bike

HIMO Z20 E-bike
  • $1,001,829 USD raised
  • 1,340 backers
  • New York, NY

The pandemic has forced the world outdoors, and many people are rethinking their leisure activities to accommodate the new normal. HIMO’s Z20 e-bike provides commuters and adventure-seekers with a foldable e-bike to get outside safely and in style. 

The Z20 has a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge; if that weren’t enough, it also folds down to a compact size in a matter of seconds, affording riders the opportunity to pack their e-bike into a car to get to the path less pedaled even faster.

5. ASMOKE Portable Applewood Pellet Grill

ASMOKE Portable Applewood Pellet Grill
  • $1,391,706 USD raised
  • 8,410 backers
  • Newark, NJ

Rounding out our top 5 is the ASMOKE Portable Applewood Pellet Grill, which makes the list for the second month in a row.

ASMOKE is the world’s first portable applewood grill that uses 100% all-natural applewood pellets. Where other brands add harmful blends and unnatural fillers to their pellets, ASMOKE source their pellets from real fruit orchards to fuel your cookouts with only the most delectable, smoky-sweet flavors without the artificial taste.

ASMOKE is fast approaching the end of its campaign, so for anyone with a burning desire for the perfect BBQ, we recommend backing this one while the iron is hot!

And before we wrap up…

A quick nod to the Niche Zero coffee grinder, which has made our monthly top 5 nearly every month this year! We recently wrote about the father-son team behind the Zero — check it out today!

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Rankings, amount raised, and other stats are current as of 7/29/20.