October 9, 2020 · Products, Success Stories

Dreame T20 raises over $780,000 to make wireless vacuums powerful and cost-effective


Looking for an easy way to stay on top of your house cleaning? For many, a perpetually clean house would be a dream come true. That’s why this vacuum cleaner has such an appropriate name: Dreame T20 can do it all. The latest vacuum from Dreame Technology is a lightweight, affordable cordless vacuum cleaner that uses concepts from aviation engineering to deliver advanced suction power. 

Dreame Technology launched the T20 vacuum cleaner on Indiegogo and the team has raised over $780,000 in just a few weeks, making it a campaign to watch in 2020. We sat down with the Dreame team to learn about their campaign and their future plans.

What’s the founding story behind Dreame Technology?

Dreame Technology was founded in 2015. We wanted to create vacuum cleaners that could compete with the world’s top brands and that would cost a fraction of the price. We joined the Xiaomi Ecological Chain in 2017 and have been leading their smart household cleaning appliances enterprise.

We’re very focused on research and development. In fact, 80% of our team is made up of R&D staff, and their hard work has paid off. Dreame Technology has received more than 150 core patents for inventions like our high-speed motor, monocular machine vision, SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), and multi-cone cyclone separation. 

We’ve sold over one million vacuums worldwide, with particular success in Europe and Southeast Asia. And we’ve been the number one brand on AliExpress in Spain since the third quarter of 2019.

Tell us about your product.

Dreame T20 features a smart all-surface brush that automatically adjusts suction based on the type of surface you’re cleaning. The high speed motor provides 150 AirWatts of suction power. It has a battery that can easily be swapped out, allowing for two hours of continuous use, and it weighs only 3.69 pounds, making it easy to lift and use with one hand. Plus, the motor and battery are in the handle, allowing users to lift the vacuum up and clean higher places with ease. 

Why are you raising funds on Indiegogo?

Traditional vacuum cleaners with cords are heavy and not very user-friendly. But upgraded cordless vacuum cleaners often aren’t as powerful as their bigger counterparts. Dreame has remained committed to developing the cordless vacuum cleaner with the strongest power. 

Earlier this year, we released Dreame V11 to the European market and it was widely praised by our customers. Dreame T20 is the global version of that vacuum, and we chose Indiegogo for our international release. 

We’re providing the T20 as a discounted perk for backers who contribute to the campaign, in the hopes that they’ll join the Dreame Community. We’re also crowdfunding to get feedback and comments on the product, so we can constantly improve it and provide better services.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

People haven’t heard of our brand internationally, which means that we have to earn backer trust. But because our focus is on research and development, we’re confident that our products will be able to speak for themselves. We believe that we’ll impress backers with our emphasis on research-backed product decisions.   

Why did you choose to do crowdfunding?

Indiegogo is a very innovative platform for new products from all over the world. We see crowdfunding on Indiegogo as an opportunity to learn what backers think about our new products. It’s the main reason why we chose to do crowdfunding.

To support the Dreame T20 vacuum cleaner, check out their Indiegogo campaign page.