January 8, 2021 · Products, Tips & Insights

4 tips for working from home comfortably, from the makers of the BeYou chair


This is a guest post from the makers of the BeYou chair. Support their Indiegogo campaign today!

Struggling to find a way to get comfortable while working from home? We’ve got your back.

2020 brought a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine everything about how we do our jobs. Here at BeYou, we’ve been working from home for years. That’s exactly how the BeYou Transforming Chair was born, out of our need to sit ourselves in positions a traditional chair won’t allow. And now, we want to bring our chair to the entire world through our Indiegogo campaign and our BeYou website.

Because we know a thing or two about working from home, we want to share our best tips for staying comfy while getting things done.

Create a comfortable work setup

You’ve probably tried working at the dining table, the couch, the bed and even the floor. You might find that none of those options are perfect, but it’s still important to try your best to get comfortable. Elevate your chair if you need to, put a pillow under your bum to cushion your seat, or use light bulbs with softer light so your eyes don’t get tired as fast. When you’re comfortable, your focus and productivity skyrocket, so we definitely wouldn’t skip this step.

Change up your sitting position

This is a major one. Your body isn’t meant to sit in the same position for hours and hours. It naturally feels the need to move. When you feel the call to change position, do it. With our BeYou chair, it’s easy to adjust how you’re sitting and choose between 10+ sitting options. Until you get your own BeYou chair, make sure to change it up during the day and move between your favourite places in the house to work. Try to sit in a few different ways throughout the day, so you don’t get stiff.

Don’t be afraid to take breaks

Yeah, for real. Humans can only focus on something for about 2-3 hours until attention levels start to drop. That’s the perfect time to take a small zen break. Make yourself a cup of tea, do a bit of light stretching, try a bit of silent meditation or do a few yoga poses. Taking a moment to breathe actually helps you get back to work after with renewed purpose. With BeYou, we took a holistic approach, so you can actually sit cross legged or kneeling and take a small meditation break whenever you feel like it.

Separate work and life

With so many of us working remotely now, it’s so easy for professional life and personal life to get mixed together. Balance means whatever works for you, as long as you set time aside for work and time aside for your personal life. Sure, you might not be going out so much nowadays, but there’s probably still stuff you always wanted to do. Hours and hours that would’ve been lost commuting are now yours to use in the way that makes you happiest!

Want to support the BeYou chair? Check out the Indiegogo campaign today!