It’s (almost) officially summer, which means it’s time to have fun, and bonus points if we can get some sun on our sun-deprived legs while doing it. We’ve put together a roundup of products that will make this summer the best one of all time! Help raise funds for these new ideas and innovations in outdoor entertainment by contributing to their crowdfunding campaigns.


What better way to celebrate the sun and the abundance of outside time than going on a meandering bike ride? Superstrata’s unibody construction is so sleek and minimal that no one will even know it’s an e-bike or that you’re getting a boost on those last few uphill miles. It’s the ultimate adventure companion for experienced cyclists and newbies alike.

GoSun Chillest

The worst thing about beach days (besides getting sand in places you really would prefer not to have it) is finding that the sandwiches you so lovingly assembled and put in your cooler have gotten wet from the melting ice. The solar-powered GoSun Chillest will save your food from a soggy fate, but still keep it cool all day long. It gives you temperature options that can be customized for different compartments, which means you can bring ice cream to your outdoor hangs, guaranteeing your position as the most popular person there. It also makes ice, keeping your beverages cold inside and outside of the cooler.


The cooler and its contents may be the main event, but you need some chairs so everyone can sit around and admire it. The Campster chair is perfect for literally any outdoor activity. It’s incredibly light, compact, and easy to carry. You won’t even notice it when you carry it up a mountain, add it to the plethora of children’s unwieldy beach toys, or tuck it into the tiny remaining space in your trunk when you go camping.


After a grueling hiking trip and the most satisfying shower you’ve ever had, your back might need some extra care. FlexBeam is a red light therapy device that stimulates your body’s natural healing response by bringing oxygen to the affected tissue and stimulating cellular energy production. It can be used on any body part, and for both chronic and acute injuries. Even if you have no complaints red light therapy can help with mood, immunity, and more.


For our final campaign, we have something for the adults in the house to enjoy once the kids are fast asleep after a day of activities. We all know wine in “moderate” quantities has excellent benefits. But what to do with the rest of the bottle after you’ve had your prescribed 1-2 glasses? Eto has created a beautiful decanter that keeps your wine as fresh as new for seven days, and looks good doing it. You are now free to savor your fanciest wines without any threat of things going sour.

Help raise funds for these new ideas and innovations in outdoor entertainment by contributing to their crowdfunding campaigns!