June 24, 2021 · Behind The Scenes, Success Stories

A Day in the Life of Amber Yang, President of Ovicx Bike


Running your own business is no easy feat. It takes a healthy dose of passion, discipline, and commitment. Ever wondered what a day in the life of a small business owner and founder is like? We’re here to give you a glimpse!

Today we’re sitting down with Amber Yang, President of Ovicx Bike. In 2016, Amber and her friends, a couple of fitness fanatics, saw their health and wellness goals getting further and further out of reach. High-quality exercise equipment was getting less and less affordable, and gym classes were harder and harder to get to because of busy schedules. So they decided to start Ovicx to help other people get in shape easily at home.

After years searching and striving, Amber and her team formed the perfect team of designers, global factory and logistics experts, and world-class coaches to produce products and classes at a price that’s accessible to the masses.

Now the team is raising funds for WEKEEP, a stationary at-home exercise bike that connects riders with a supportive and inspiring community and helps them motivate each other to climb the leaderboard. Read on to learn about what a day in the life is like for Amber as she runs a crowdfunding campaign.

7:30 A.M. I wake up and check my calendar for the day. Then I feed my dog and take him out for a walk.

8:00 A.M.  45 mins of spin class with my favorite OVICX coach Alex. A perfect way to energize myself for a new day.

9:00 A.M.  Eat my breakfast with fresh-pressed green juice and hot tea. Read the news.

9:30 A.M.  Take a shower and head into the office.

10:00 A.M. I meet with the team and talk about the plan for the day.

11 A.M. Meet with the research team. Based on data and customer feedback, we adjust our current plan and define new actions for product and app optimization, find better ways to communicate with clients, and look for better solutions for the service

12 P.M. Go to the studio and meet the director of the production company that makes our classes. We give them feedback on the classes and discuss how to improve them, then we work on the plan for the next four weeks.

1 P.M. A light lunch with a cup of coffee.

2 P.M. I interview candidates for open roles. A lot of my time right now is spent building up our teams, searching for expertise for every position and looking for people who love fitness and share the same values as the company.

4 P.M. My afternoon consists of phone calls, meetings with my team and external partners like warehouses, photo shooting studios, and the app’s technical support company.

6 P.M. I head home and make dinner. I enjoy a meal with my husband Leo and my son Max. We share what happened that day. It makes me feel so relaxed. I always feel good doing something for my family after a busy work day.

8 P.M. Family time entertainment! We read together, and sometimes play chess or other games.

9 P.M. 30 mins of yoga with an OVICX coach. I look forward to having a moment of peace at the end of the day.

9:30 P.M. Shower and relax before bed.

10:30 P.M.  Lights out!

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of what her day is like, get more inspiration in our exclusive Q&A with Amber below!

INDIEGOGO: How and why did you become an entrepreneur? Was it something you always intended for yourself? 

AMBER: The best part of being an entrepreneur is the ability to create something from nothing. I get to bring new programs and ideas to my clients and to hardworking professionals every day. I also love that being an entrepreneur helps me set the best possible example for my child. I want him to know that life is tough and challenging, but if you work hard and focus the the outcome can be better than you ever expected.

INDIEGOGO: What makes your Indiegogo project unique? 

AMBER: Sometimes it’s tough to start your workout. After a long day, it can be even tougher. You need motivation. At OVICX, our mission is bringing passionate, world-class coaches together to motivate and inspire fitness fanatics across the globe – and doing it affordably. We’ve designed cutting-edge, stylish spin bikes you’ll be proud to show off in your home. With our accompanying app, you’ll find your fit squad, discover an amazing community, and tap into the motivation and inspiration that make our workouts an immersive experience

INDIEGOGO: What’s your biggest piece of advice for women who want to start their own business?

AMBER: Have courage and believe in what you do. Surround yourself with good people who know more than you. Don’t forget your family; they will always be there to support you when you are suffering through the harder moments of your business.

INDIEGOGO: What tools (gadgets, apps, books, podcasts) would you recommend to anyone starting their own business, crowdfunding campaign, or project? 

AMBER: A small notebook to write down your ideas and dreams. Talk with the people you met, be curious and don’t hesitate to ask for help. And this is very important: Keep doing sports. It’ll give you energy and release pressure.

Want to support Ovicx and WEKEEP? Check out their crowdfunding campaign today!