July 7, 2021 · Lists, Products

5 Gadgets To Make You Feel At Home, In Your Home


No matter your profession, we’ve spent more time stuck in our homes this year than we ever have before, which has catapulted many of us into TikTok-inspired home improvement projects. Some have been successful, and some not so much. Regardless, it’s safe to say that we are all much more aware of how important it is to feel good at home. Whether you’re returning to the office, sticking with that WFH life, or doing some combination of the two, these Indiegogo products make your space more fun and more livable, without any accidental gaping holes in the wall or unfinished paint jobs. 

Keep in mind that crowdfunding is not shopping, so these items are for future use and won’t be getting to you any time soon. But with gadgets this good, we don’t mind the wait.


No matter where you work, science has shown that keeping your sleep and wake times consistent is a key component of getting good rest. For most of us, this means forcing ourselves to go to bed earlier than we want to, and waking up to the always upsetting sounds of an alarm. If you’ve been engaged in a neverending snooze button battle with yours, OneClock will be a game changer. It’s a bedside clock that wakes you up with Grammy-winning artists whose music is specifically chosen to gently pull you out of sleep, instead of jerking you awake like the classic iPhone “radar” does. There is no smartphone required to use it, meaning that you can leave yours outside of the bedroom and finally kick that pre-bedtime scroll habit for good.

Bird Buddy Smart Feeder

As you transition back into seeing friends or perhaps decide that humans are simply not for you, the Bird Buddy Smart Feeder will bring winged BFFs right to your home. Besides tempting them with delicious seedy treats, it will notify you whenever you get a visitor, and identifies and teaches you about the species. It even takes photos so you can show all of your social media followers just how popular you are.


If you’re trying to surround yourself with nature at home, odds are good you have at least considered gardening. You can blame your limited success on the quality of commercial soil, and use Kalea to turn your food scraps into the kind of compost that plants love. Unlike most other composting solutions, Kalea won’t leave your kitchen smelling faintly of banana peels or attract a gregarious family of fruit flies. It’s elegant, and will turn you into the urban farmer you’ve always dreamed of becoming.


In the case of human roommates (this includes children, spouses, and your cousin George who was only supposed to sleep on your couch for two weeks that somehow became two months), you are probably looking for ways to create boundaries. Well, look no further than BusyBox. This customizable light-up electronic sign helps you let the other members of your household know exactly when they are welcome to disturb you, and when they absolutely should not. BusyBox comes in smartphone-controlled and non-smartphone controlled models, but both allow you to change the message and color to fit your fancy.


You might never turn off that busy sign to give yourself an excuse to stay in the incomparably comfortable BeYou just a little longer. This chair can be customized to allow for over 10 different ways of sitting, and even laying. If you lay in your chair, are you still sitting? That’s a philosophical question for you to ponder as you experiment with BeYou.

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