July 23, 2021 · Lists, Products

Adventure Awaits with These 6 Travel Products


Now that work is increasingly going remote, life is getting more vacation-friendly every day. From the mountains to the world’s great cities, we have put together a list of travel products that will take all of your trips to the next level.

Just a quick reminder that crowdfunding is not the same as your regular old online shopping. Not all campaigners can send you your goods immediately, but luckily you can use these travel products for a lifetime of adventure.


Origami 4-in-1

Whether you’re traveling around your city, or exploring one across the world, Origami is your tote, your backpack, and your carry-on. It has mesh pockets to take your bag from black hole to type-A organizational paradise, a roomy middle pocket for larger items, and even a secret compartment for your passport. You can easily fold it up and bring it in your suitcase, or slide it securely onto the handle so you’re not awkwardly dropping your computer on the airport floor. 

[Bonus: Check out our recent Day in the Life feature with the bag’s creator, Vanessa Jeswani)

Kings Peak Tent: The First 2-Person, 1-2 Dog Tent

Does your dog love going camping as much as you do? Then get a tent that’s built for Fido’s pleasure as much as your own. The Kings Peak Tent is a backpacking tent that’s specially made with space for your dog. It has a separate section in the tent for your dog that’s accessible through large indoor mesh wall . It also has a separate outside doggy door. You and your dog will both get a better night’s rest with your own spaces with the Kings Peak Tent.


Air Deck 3.0 – The Ultimate Travel Playing Cards

It is always a good idea to bring a deck of cards on any trip. They come in handy while waiting for a delayed flight and can diffuse even the inevitable tense moments that occur after spending too long with the same people in a very small space. The Air Deck 3.0 is light and compact enough to put in your meticulously packed and weighed backpacking pack. And what’s more: they are washable and waterproof, making it a breeze to clean the worldly germs right off.

The ERA Backpack

Regardless of where you’re going, you’re going to need a backpack. And I don’t mean your classic school bag with limp straps and a broken zipper. The makers of the ERA Backpack are not messing around. They have created a fully waterproof backpack that has special compartments designed to keep your camera safe, your clothes clean, and all of your devices charged. I know what you’re thinking: isn’t it going to be heavy with all of that stuff inside? The answer is no. The makers of ERA use their proprietary Distributor Harness to make your load feel light and cool all day long.

Crua AER – The Roof Top Tent: Reimagined

Trek to the desert? No problem. Off the grid by the mountains? You got it. Or maybe you just want a relaxing day at the beach with your family. With the Crua AER you can travel far and wide, with the only limitations being your snack supply. This tent lives on top of you car and sets up in a snap, and it regulates the temperature inside to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It lets you get out into the wild faster and more comfortably. 

HercLéon Kribi : The World’s Cleanest Underwear

While we’re talking about efficient packing, we can’t forget to mention HercLéon Kribi, the innovative underwear created with a unique antibacterial fiber. HercFiber is a blend of bamboo, eucalyptus, beechwood, and copper fiber, all working together for maximum softness, cleanliness, and freshness. No matter the humidity of your destination, HercLeon will keep you dry and odor-free all day long.

You’re probably planning a trip as you read this, so head over to our Travel Collection for more travel products to make your next adventure the best one yet.