August 3, 2021 · Lists, Products

Fashion Crowdfunding: Look Smart, Live Smart


If you’re reading this, odds are good that you are always on the lookout for the most innovative products made by people who are changing the world. Good news: you can bring innovation and creativity into every aspect of your life, even fashion, by supporting small-scale designers and creators. From clothes to accessories, we’ve got you covered (literally and figuratively) with fashion crowdfunding campaigns that will make you more organized, efficient, and stylish than ever before.

Before diving in, it’s important to note that crowdfunding is not shopping. Many of these items are still in development and may not be available for some time. With your support, these fashion crowdfunding campaigns can come to life.

Bando 3.0

Ever struggled with the bulk of a brick-sized wallet? It’s no fun. Fortunately, there are now products like the Bando 3.0 wallet, which is so thin and light that it’s barely noticeable. Whether you’re a healthcare worker in scrubs, or someone who wears women’s pants with infuriatingly small pockets, you can carry Bando 3.0  on your person without relying on the added inconvenience of a purse or a backpack. It comes in four different color palettes, all with RFID protection to keep you safe from IRL and cybercriminals alike


If you plan on carrying a backpack, it should be one with ample snack organizing possibilities. Avanda’s designers have prioritized comfort and utility. Wear it in a variety of ways, and has specialized compartments that allow you to organize your things and get to them easily. It comes in a variety of prints, and two different sizes depending on how big you are, or how big your needs are. As an early backer on Indiegogo, you can even get a deal on a matching wallet if you purchase both at the same time. It has pillow-like feel on your back, so commute naps are certainly not out of the question. 


Meet the Curling Headband from RobeCurls. It is a heat free method of curling your hair inspired by a viral TikTok trend. And did we mention how well it works? Take a look for yourself. Unlike the uncomfortable rollers from the 1970s, the Curling Headband is a fashionable hair accessory you’ll want to be seen wearing, no matter what you are doing. Wrap your hair in 90 seconds, wear a fashionable updo with the Curling Headband, and then take your hair down to rock your curls.

Origami 4-in-1

Whether you’re traveling around your city, or exploring one across the world, Origami is your tote, your backpack, and your carry-on. It has mesh pockets to take your bag from black hole to type-A organizational paradise, a roomy middle pocket for larger items, and even a secret compartment for your passport. You can easily fold it up and bring it in your suitcase, or slide it securely onto the handle so you’re not awkwardly dropping your computer on the airport floor. 

[Bonus: Check out our recent Day in the Life feature with the bag’s creator, Vanessa Jeswani)

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