December 20, 2021 · Products

3 New Futuristic Features To Consider When You’re Getting An E-Bike


This is a guest post from Urtopia. Views are their own.

What does an e-bike mean to you? To most people, an e-bike is simply an alternative, environmentally-friendly way of making the commute to work or a leisure ride easier. If you’re new to the world of e-bikes, you may not have a lot of expectations out of the traditional, classic e-bike features. Most of the tech built into e-bikes was thought of (and even patented!) by scientists over a hundred years ago. But hey—have you ever thought about the future of e-bikes, or other advanced features an e-bike can have? Just imagine what it’s like to transform your e-bike into a friend who understands exactly what you want, takes good care of you, and motivates you even on the rough days when you don’t feel like being active? If you’re ever curious, read on! You’ll be amazed by how an e-bike like the one we’ve built — Urtopia — can enrich your riding journey in unexpected ways.

1. Find an e-bike that has the resources to keep you company.

The e-bike of the future will let you control all the basic operations with voice commands, so you can also get timely information on road conditions while you’re in the middle of your ride. Urtopia lets you customize these voice commands, allowing you to communicate with your e-bike however you want. When you feel like going somewhere, simply just tell your e-bike where you want to go, and it will give you turn-by-turn directions. In the meantime, it’s working for you behind the scenes to select the most optimal route. You can even take phone calls hands-free while riding with Urtopia. A lot of these features are accessible with a smartbar that is automatically updated by the OTA, ensuring your e-bike will always be up-to-date with all the latest and coolest features.

Watch this video demo of how the smart bar works:

2. Look for advanced safety features that will protect you on the road, and from theft while your e-bike is stationary.

Your e-bike can become a watchful guardian that looks out for your safety. With an e-bike like Urtopia, the GPS location tracking system gives you turn-by-turn directions for navigation, and tracks your location. You’ll be notified when someone is moving your Urtopia, and whenever the Gyroscope senses abnormal activities. On top of that, the biometric locking system enables you to unlock your e-bike with a single touch, meaning you and you alone are the only one who can control your Urtopia.

3. Consider an e-bike that will inspire and motivate you.

According to a study by Katharine P. Bailey in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services called, “The brain’s rewarding system and addiction”, people are capable of achieving more, if they feel rewarded for trying harder. An e-bike like Urtopia visualizes your cycling goals and achievements. It works to motivate you. In addition to monitoring and capturing your health data, it will also let you keep track of your contributions to reducing carbon emissions. Find an e-bike with an app where  you can also easily check in with your health data regularly.

Here’s a demo of Urtopia’s mobile app:

Our team has built and designed a lot of these advanced features into our new Urtopia full carbon e-bike. Join us, and together let’s make the future of e-bikes happen! Show your love and support for our crowdfunding campaign to get it as a discounted perk.

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