February 9, 2022 · Lists, Products

January 2022 Top Crowdfunding Campaigns


For many, the month of January is about hitting the reset button. Resolutions are made, goals are set, and hobbies are renewed. 2022 started off with a bang on Indiegogo and the January 2022 top crowdfunding campaigns reflect that.  Backers took part in crowdfunding campaigns that would help them get outside, go exploring, have fun, and keep clean. 

Friendly disclaimer: These products are in various stages of development, so you’ll have to be patient about receiving them. Crowdfunding isn’t shopping, and it can sometimes take months to receive a perk from a campaign you’ve backed. 

Get ready to put your best foot forward this year and check out the January 2022 top crowdfunding campaigns below.

Urtopia Carbon Electric Bike

  • $3,436,462 USD
  • 1,338 backers
  • Hong Kong

Urtopia boasts being one of the lightest eBikes on the market thanks to its carbon fiber frame. Clocking in at 30 lbs (13 kg), it’s easy for bikers to carry around which is particularly useful for commuters who need their bike to be portable enough to go up and down subway stairs. The Urtopia also gives riders an experience that’s as close to riding an analog bike as possible. But Urtopia aims further than just providing a powered ride. The bike packs a variety of built-in smarts that make it a veritable ‘tech’ product too. There’s voice control, a built-in alarm system, turn-by turn-navigation, turn signals, radar, and more. 

XFoil: Electric Carbon Fiber Surf & Hydrofoil

  • $814,025 USD
  • 167 backers
  • Fremont, United States

If you love doing sports on the water, XFoil is your new best friend. Stand-up paddleboard? Check. Powered surfboard? Check. Hydrofoil surfboard? Check. XFoil is all three in one. XFoil is a carbon fiber electric watercraft that can glide on the surface and above the water for riding in lakes, rivers, and oceans. It’s compact, lightweight and can reach speeds comparable to high performance speed boats. It’s also designed to be the easiest board to learn on. Whether you’re a water sports beginner or an expert, XFoil allows you to build riding confidence in progressive steps.

Odin: The Ultimate Gaming Handheld

  • $1,896,165 USD
  •  5,623 backers
  • Shenzhen, China

This powerful new handheld device, designed with the retro gamer in mind, is giving the most popular gaming consoles a run for their money. Running Android and powered by some of the latest mobile internal hardware, the Ayn Odin will pack enough punch to run the most demanding of mobile games at top settings without breaking a sweat, while also being able to emulate 3D consoles. This lightweight handheld promises to be a contender for the hearts and thumbs of serious handheld gamers the world over.


ROIDMI EVA: Self-Cleaning & Emptying Robot Vacuum

  • $957,493 USD
  • 1,045 backers
  • New York, United States

ROIDMI EVA is a 5-in-1 powerhouse — mop washing, mop drying, waste emptying, antibacterial and anti-molding, and vacuum-and-mop — that keeps your hands free from water and dust. It was designed to automate housework more than any other robot vacuum that’s come before it. That’s why, for this innovative home appliance, automatic mop washing and self-emptying were a must. Many other automatic moppers force users to clean the mop by hand after each use. Not so with the ROIDMI EVA, which can automatically clean its mopping pads and has an extra large dust bag that can collect dust for 60 days. 


  • $5,256,860 USD 
  • 56,750 backers
  • Groningen, Netherlands

AAWireless is a plug and play device that enables wireless connections with Android Auto. Android Auto allows users to connect their phones with their cars, but it requires a cable to connect. That can be cumbersome, especially for a quick trip. Who wants to be bothered fishing out a wire when they’re in a rush? AAWireless solves that problem by allowing users to connect their phones to Android Auto via Bluetooth. Put the AAWireless dongle into your car’s USB port and you can connect your phone whenever you want.

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