The top crowdfunding campaigns for May 2022 included some great gems you won’t want to miss. STRØM CITY returned to Indiegogo with a new eBike, Odin’s handheld gaming device topped the charts yet again, AAWireless gave users a plug and play device to connect with Android Auto, and two revolutionary, affordable anamorphic lenses helped artists and filmmakers create amazing cinematic content.

Friendly disclaimer: These products are in various stages of development. These innovations aren’t quite here yet, but they’re closer than you think… and they’re worth the wait. Crowdfunding isn’t shopping, and it can sometimes take months to receive a perk from a campaign you’ve backed.

Ready to explore the top crowdfunding campaigns for May 2022? Check them out below!


  • $575,489 USD
  • 439 backers
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

STRØM CITY M 2.0 is a stylish eBike straight out of the biking capital of the world. The M 2.0 is the second generation of STRØM CITY eBikes after the smash crowdfunding success of STRØM CITY W, which was one of the top Indiegogo campaigns of 2020. These beautiful eBikes ship directly from the STRØM CITY factory in Copenhagen in order to keep costs low and quality high. With the new model, riders can enjoy the integrated battery and lights, high-quality custom carriers, and a slew of customization options. It also features a newly developed carrier system and a removable basket. Combine these features with STRØM CITY’s meticulous design, and you get an eBike that is made to last.

GREAT JOY 50mm T2.9 1.8x Anamorphic Lens

  • $525,433 USD
  • 399 backers
  • Hong Kong

Most anamorphic lenses, especially those that cover full-frame cinematic cameras, are expensive. But that’s not true of Great Joy’s first anamorphic lens. The whole concept behind their crowdfunding campaign is to bring an affordable full-frame anamorphic lens to the masses. This powerful lens boasts a number of features for the camera enthusiast: versatile mount options RF/E/L/Z, ultra HD 8K resolution, and a lens structure with 13 elements in 10 groups. It’s also ultra lightweight, making it easy to take it anywhere.

Odin: The Ultimate Gaming Handheld

  • $3,689,994 USD
  • 10,780 backers
  • Shenzhen, China

This powerful handheld device, designed with the retro gamer in mind, is giving the most popular gaming consoles a run for their money. Running Android and powered by some of the latest mobile internal hardware, the Ayn Odin will pack enough punch to run the most demanding of mobile games at top settings without breaking a sweat, while also being able to emulate 3D consoles. This lightweight handheld promises to be a contender for the hearts and thumbs of serious handheld gamers the world over.

Laowa Nanomorph

  • $490,720 USD
  • 223 backers
  • Hong Kong

Many anamorphic lenses are big and heavy, making them harder to work with. Not so with the Laowa Nanomorph: This revolutionary nano-sized lens weighs less than 0.7 lbs (320g) and is only 3.54″ (9cm) long, making it very handy for every set-up. Use it on a handheld, on a gimbal, on a slider, and in tight spaces. You can even use it on a drone! The Laowa Nanomorph makes a lot of formerly impossible shots possible, and it’s made for use with mirrorless hybrid and digital cinema cameras. 


  • $6,463,867 USD
  • 68,213 backers
  • Groningen, Netherlands

AAWireless is a plug and play device that enables wireless connections with Android Auto. Android Auto allows users to connect their phones with their cars, but it requires a cable to connect. That can be cumbersome, especially for a quick trip. Who wants to be bothered fishing out a wire when they’re in a rush? AAWireless solves that problem by allowing users to connect their phones to Android Auto via Bluetooth. Put the AAWireless dongle into your car’s USB port and you can connect your phone whenever you want.

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