Meet Molecula, one of the video production experts in our Experts Directory. They are responsible for some of the most incredible product pitch videos we’ve seen in our community of crowdfunding campaigners.

Curious to learn about how an engaging crowdfunding pitch video is made? We asked them to share the story behind some of their favorites, what made those videos unique, and the challenges they faced.

Read on to learn more about their exciting behind-the-scenes process!

EXCITRUS NitroCharge Pro

“This video showed different and unique product features of a magsafe power bank project through various use case scenarios. We also highlighted its charging capabilities with different devices to show the product’s versatility. EXCITRUS also used our photography services, and with this combination, the campaign quickly reached its funding goal.”

V-TEX V20 Waterproof Shoes

“For this project that wants to bring waterproof shoes to life, the campaigner asked us to use various current TikTok trends to create the video concept. The idea was to use popular social media trends to drive more attention to the product and make it stand out. We took this challenge on with a number of complicated scenes and implemented all the ideas. As a result, the campaign resulted in significant success.”

3V Aramid Fiber Electric Bike

“The video for 3V Aramid Fiber Bike was filmed in both mountainous and urban terrains to highlight the bike’s performance with heavy-duty usage. We filmed the scenes in city streets and parks, and traveled across the country to the beautiful Ukrainian mountains to film the off-road scenes. Our experienced crew used different filming techniques and special equipment to cover all the angles, capturing the beautiful design and performance of the e-bike.”

Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture: Intuitive AI Assistance

“Mobvoi Earbuds feature an environmental sound monitoring mode to keep you safe, comfortable ergonomics, and incredible sound quality. We highlighted all of the product features through live scenarios, including demonstrations of the hands-free gestures used to control phone calls and the waterproof nature of the earbuds. Scenarios included walking, driving, exercising, working, and using them around the house. Though it was challenging to incorporate all of the features, we were able to do so and help the campaign exceed its funding goal.”

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