November 17, 2022 · IGG, Tips & Insights

4 Empowering Tips For Your Crowdfunding Campaign’s Cyber Monday Strategy


In 2021, consumers spent $34.4B during Cyber Monday according to Techcrunch. That’s a whole lot of dough, and in turn – a half-baked strategy for Cyber Monday just won’t cut it.  The four tips below will empower entrepreneurs and creators alike who have live campaigns either in the crowdfunding stage or InDemand in getting the most out of Cyber Monday on Indiegogo!

1.  Never Bury the Lede – Turn Heads With Your Email Subject Line

Your audience will be bombarded with marketing emails in the coming days and weeks, which means standing out is more important than ever.  So don’t be generic with your email copy.  Include a subject line that is true to your brand’s voice and perspective while motivating your audience.  Remember your audience is looking for deals.  The best subject lines are those that are simple to the point, but instill urgency.

2. Instill Urgency

In this instance – time is on your side.  Instill urgency in your audience by including copy that reflects the limited nature of your offer and/or infers scarcity.  Say what you want about FOMO – but it works.

3. Segment

Segment out the unconverted from the converted, and within that cohort – the unconverted from the unconverted that have shown interest.  Interest in this instance is up to the reader in determining what that means for their brand.  But what’s important here is remembering that how you message into these different groups should be different. 

4. Location, Location, Location – Geosync your email send times

This tip is a continuation of the segmenting tip above; as consumers will be looking for the best deals, and you don’t want to be late to the game.  Geosync your email send times so that your marketing email is at the top of your audience’s inbox on Cyber Monday.

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