September 1, 2010 · Success Stories

What YOU Can Learn From Jackie Evancho’s IndieGoGo Campaign, Pt. 3: Let Your Talent Do the Talking


In this last post in our three-part series analyzing America's Got Talent superstar Jakie Evancho's fundraising campaign, we talk about what is perhaps the most obvious benefit to launching a crowdfunding campaign: getting the funds together to get your work out there.

jackie evancho prelude to a dream

Jackie Evancho used IndieGoGo to raise money towards the production of her second album following her first, Prelude to a Dream. In two previous posts we talked about using IndieGoGo to prepare you to take advantage of opportunities to maximize your potential for success.

But what about sustaining your success once you get there?

IndieGoGo can be the vehicle you use to fund a project that allows what's best about what you do to gain its own momentum and keep you in business.

When Jackie hit it big on America's Got Talent, demand for her second album was already building — thanks in part to her IndieGoGo campaign. And her album sales will be what help sustain her as an artist long after the NBC show is over.

Are you crowdfunding for something that will help to sustain you? Something with the power to catapult you out of fundraising mode and let your talent — or your project, or your organization, or your business — speak for itself? Or things that, once the dust has settled, can continue to produce revenue for you?

A few exmples:

  • A new website
  • Admission to a trade show or convention
  • A demo CD
  • Film festival entry fees
  • A prototype of your invention
  • A community garden
  • Materials to create a new line of jewelry
  • Build-out on a new business location

There are thousands of things we could list. But the most important thing to ask yourself is: Am I asking for funding for something that speaks for itself? Am I funding something that might continue to fund me after my campaign has ended?

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