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WAR The Human Cost

Okay, we know we missed 24-Hour Comics Day by at least a week. But we wanted to make up for it by highlighting some of our favorite current comic projects on IndieGoGo.

If you're like me — or at least how I was before I started reading about these projects in depth — you might think to yourself, "The cost of making a comic can't be that high!" But think again! Making a high quality comic book or graphic novel costs money. Here's what some of these artists are looking for funds to cover:

  • Printing costs
  • Buying a barcode (who knew?)
  • Marketing expenses
  • Materials (inks, paper — and not the cheap stuff from Office Depot)
  • Legal fees (copyrights, contracts, etc.)
  • Shipping costs

More than just colored pencils and paper, right? So check out some of the comics on IndieGoGo this week — and take a minute to look behind the scenes at what actually goes in to making them.

Black Rose War Comic

Black Rose War

Lost kids seeking samarkind

The Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkind

Legend of the sunset people comic

Legend of the Sunset People

City of fire

City of Fire