October 18, 2010 · Tips & Insights

Creating a Weekly Routine for Your Campaign


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Creating a campaign on IndieGoGo isn't just about posting something, asking for contributions once, then watching them slowly roll in until you meet your goal. Running a campaign takes dedication and consistent maintenance. Designing a weekly schedule or routine around your IndieGoGo campaign can help keep you on track to reach your crowdfunding goal.

Cerise, one of our big film success stories, successfully raised $6,300 of their $5,000 goal. They shared what social media tactics they used to help spread the word about their project. Using a smart mix of Facebook and Twitter, they remained consistent to the point of being mechanized, a contributing factor in their success.

Cerise the movie john
Cerise used routine Facebook updates to help raise more than their $5,000 goal.

A weekly routine helps in several ways:

1. Creates discipline
2. Breaks up the overall task of reaching your funding goal into weekly, manageable tasks
3. Communicates consistency to your audience of potential funders
4. Acts as a constant reminder that to get results, you have to put work in.

In addition, creating a weekly task list allows you to take advantage of some of the basic things we at IndieGoGo have learned about crowdfunding.

For instance, each day of the week to implement a tactic can have a different impact on your campaign results:

1. The highest number of new IndieGoGo campaigns are posted on Tuesdays
This is also the day people are giving the least amount of money.  

2. Friday is when people like to contribute to campaigns the most
People like to share information on Tuesday but contributors give, on average, $13 less on Tuesday than they do any other day.   And, among projects raising over $1000, they raise 30% less money on Tuesdays and Saturdays then the other five days of the week.

Here's a sample weekly task list we put together:

MONDAY — Ease into the Week

1. Update Facebook, Twitter fans and monitor relevant conversations
2. Work on additional updates to IndieGoGo page
3. Add GoGo Widget to blog, website, email signature, etc.  

TUESDAY — Work on Outreach

 1. Search for like-minded organizations on Twitter, try to increase number of followers/following on Twitter feed
2. Craft pitch about your campaign to send to bloggers, journalists and/or build pitch list

WEDNESDAY — Update fans

1. Create IndieGoGo update (more photos, additional videos)
2. Send email highlighting progress, updates — asking fans and contributors to use "share" tools to further help.  Monitor conversation on Twitter and respond to comments on Facebook.   

THURSDAY — Check in with Team & Donors

1. Check in with other team members – make sure the team is using tactics for promoting campaign online
2. Follow-up with current contributors, send thank you notes — ask them to share your campaign (and give them the tools!)


FRIDAY — Payday!

1. Send personal messages via Facebook asking for contributions
2. Send email with direct ask


SATURDAY — Broader Scope

1. Update blog
2. Gather more content for updates next week (videos, photos)

SUNDAY – Review and Planning

1. Review progress with team
2. Check analytics, look for trends
3. Review/tweak plan for next week

So do you manage a weekly routine around your IndieGoGo campaign? What would you add to this schedule? Do you have any insights on what works best on what day?

Feel free to add to the discussion in the comments!

Photo courtesy Flickr user H is for Home.