Good ideas for crowdfunding perks
Of the questions we get most frequently here at IndieGoGo, many are about PERKS. What is a VIP perk? What levels should I make my perks? What are some good ideas for perks?

To start with, a VIP perk is a way of giving back to the audience that's giving to you. They're incentives to giving. They're ways of saying thank you. Tangibly, they are things you're offering to give back to your funders when they give at a certain level. (You know, like public radio tote bags.) They are also ways to get your work into other people's hands.  You know you have a great product, now it's time for everyone else to see it for themselves.

There's no set rule on how many perks to offer, but we can tell you that over 95% of the projects on IndieGoGo offer at least one perk.  And, those that offer 5 or more perks have raised twice as much money, on average, as those who don't.   Only you know what works best for your project, just keep in mind that "shopping" for perks can be fun for your contributors, too.

And what makes for a good perk? We think a good perk:

  • Makes an obvious incentive for donating
  • Connects your audience further to the work
  • Is shareable
  • Is unique
  • Flows naturally from your project

Perks can also make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  Prosperity Candle is offering each of their candles as perks, and they are already gift wrapped so contributors can now cross their holiday shopping off of their list of things to do.

Here are some of our favorite perks from recent IndieGoGo projects:

Anyone Can Play Guitar – $800 Funders (Executive Producer)

You'll get an executive producer credit on the film… which gets you an credit. Who doesn't want that?

Solar House – $2 Funders (Protostar)

Your name, along with the names of other contributors, will be prominently displayed on a large stone located at the center’s entrance. So basically: immortality. For $2. Can't beat it.

CAPTAIN BANANA: A Documentary – $500 Funders (Yunnan Jungle Banana)

You get the first release of the film on a limited edition banana flash drive. EVERYONE loves a flash drive. Store the film, store all your files that you need to port from laptop to laptop. In banana form.

Become a Super Trooper! – $50 Funders (Captain!)

Design your own Super Trooper — in your likeness! — in this online multiplayer strategy game. Again: immortality, this time in 16-bit. (Or is it 32-bit? 64-bit?)

See The Amazing Markets of New York City – $500 Funder (Customized Markets Tour for 4!)

NYC blogger and author of Markets of New York City takes you and up to 3 friends on a customized tour of the markets based on your particular interests.


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