Art postcard subscription

Art Postcard Subscription

What it is: Benjamin Clarkson is a Canadian illustrator starting an art subscription service with limited edition prints.

Why we like it: Art by mail? Instantly you're in the forefront of culture. Plus, look at that postcard!

Fun fact: Benjamin says this about the project's impact: "If I don't get a bunch of people on board for this I will starve. Art is difficult and time consuming, and I need the subscriptions to be able to afford my very humble lifestyle." Direct, and to-the-point!

Theo's folding bike

Theo's Folding Bicycle: A Green Idea

What it is: A freshman college design student is working on designing a folding bicycle with regular-sized tires.

Why we like it: Theo's pitch video animation = hilarity.

Fun fact: In his quest to research the best bicycle design, Theo volunteered at a bike repair place AND worked at a machine shop. Now that's dedication.

Snow shark ancient snow beast

Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast

What it is: A movie about an ancient predator lurking under the snow.

Why we like it: Suspense and hilarity in the tradition of all great, and totally ridiculous, animal attack movies. Plus: another reason to use the word 'snowpocalypse'!

Fun fact: These dedicated horror film traditionalists will NOT be relying on CGI. "We have a SFX guy who is going to work on creating an actual life size shark body that can devour our cast!" Awesome.