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If you're using IndieGoGo to raise funds to get your film made (equipment rental, editing, craft services — all that fun stuff), you may not have your head in the game yet about distribution. How are you going to get your finished film in front of as wide an audience as possible while working on a tight budget?

Distribber Helps Artists Tackle Three Big Problems

Film distribution can be a time-consuming, costly process that many independent filmmakers feel intimidated by. IndieGoGo's sister company, Distribber, heard three chief complaints from filmmakers about this process:

1. Distributors charge an eternal revenue share (a percentage of sales) for a finite service (the initial connection with your distribution channel).

2. Distributors charge additional, hidden "marketing" costs.

3. Distributors don't pay consistently or on time.

So Distribber was founded to help make the process extremely simple.

9 Steps to Getting Your Film Distributed with Distribber

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Who Does Distribber Work With?

With Distribber, choose between Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and Cable VOD stores. And now, with Distribber's partnership with Brainstorm Media, all major VOD, Cable, Satellite and Telco systems.