young lions global art project

These two projects are different in subject, but they're both doing important work to change the lives of children around the globe by highlighting their struggles and working to make a difference.

The Young Lions Global Art Project is run by Art Relief International, and aims to aid Burmese migrant refugee children in Thailand by giving them opportunities to create art, express themselves, and "just be kids." The group is looking to expand their reach to some of Thailand's construction camp slums and is raising $5,000 on IndieGoGo to make that possible.

Check out their project — and their excellent pitch video — here.

rugby boys

The Rugby Boys is about street children in the Philippines who use a cheap chemical glue (known as "rugby") to get high, relieve hunger pangs, and escape the tragic circumstances of their lives for even a short time.

"Rugby" is extremely harmful with long-term exposure.

Monica Villavicencio is raising $4,500 on IndieGoGo to travel to the Philippines and make a documentary about these at-risk kids. She's got a great pitch page and video which you can get out here.