Hsindie1Q1.Tell us about your campaign…. your inspiration and goals!  
Our campaign was to raise $2,000 in 90 days, to help fund work on our comic 'Hairy Steve'. The comic itself began about six years ago, with myself writing and Steve Bright drawing, but it got put to one side when we couldn't devote enough time to it. Indiegogo seemed to be a perfect way to raise funds, so Steve could earn some money for all his hard work drawing the pages, and we could offer some great rewards to our funders.

Q2. What were your ultimate goals with your funding campaign?  Who should care and why? 
We had planned to do a limited edition printing of our comic. But we wanted Hairy Steve to be read by everyone, which is why we're putting it online as a webcomic at https://www.hairysteve.com. And while comics for free online is a wonderful idea (and I produce loads myself), all webcomic artists are trying to find ways to support themselves while giving this free content. Our campaign was for the webcomic to be part of a wider idea, including the printed comic versions with extra material, which would bring in some funds to keep it going. Everyone wins.

Q3. How were you reaching, engaging and involving others?  Share your tactics, please!  
Both myself and Steve had the initial advantage of already having small but loyal audiences through our work in comics previously, so I think that helped, but only initially. We've both used Twitter and Facebook mercilessly, and the goodwill on there is incredible, fellow artists really wanted this to succeed and helped get the word out there. Also having Hairy Steve as a webcomic is now its own advertisement – if you enjoy the comic, help fund more of it and get perks.  

Q4.  You're rocking the fundraising on IndieGoGo?  Congrats!  What was working?  What was not working?  

Hsindie2When we started the campaign, we had a front cover to show, but not a lot more. I wonder if we should have shown more material, but that was still enough to get us hitting our target within the first three days, which was incredible! Since then, we've been bleeding previews and new pages out gradually over time and its been getting a great response. I think everyone who has funded is relieved it's looking good!

Also one of the main incentives for funders seemed to be the zombie portraits we offer in return (since the comic has a zombie theme), Steve's been doing these recently and the recipients have been over the moon with them. Something as personal as this really helps I think.

Q5. Any surprises or especially fun moments during your campaign that you'd like to share? 
Well there's still a little while left on our campaign, and we've a few more tricks up our sleeve for it yet. I think seeing it on the IndieGoGo frontpage, or featured on sites like Robot6, were real boosts for us, not least in motivation. This campaign is such fun to keep rolling, and we're learning a huge amount about what's possible. 

Q6.  Any tips / advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs, creators and project leaders like yourself?
Whichever social networking thing is current, get on it. At the moment it's Twitter, which is worth its weight in gold. I know Steve spread the word on a lot of relevant internet forums too. But for all this, the most important thing is to have a good idea. That's what people respond to, and what we're working hard on bringing into fruition, thanks to everyone's support!