Occupy Wall Street is current and in full force.  How did this movement grow from a group of 15 people to many thousands?  It was achieved by connecting the network, mobilizing individuals with a simple message using word of mouth tactics and by adopting a range of tools to maintain the message.  Idea generation occurs in much the same way – it is triggered by one action spearheaded by one individual, grows with continued nurturing of the same message possessing the same core sentiment.  

Each week we identify a mix of newly launched IndieGoGo campaigns that are simple and action-orientated:

Help Ben and Joshia Represent the US at the World Youth Chess Championships
Category: Education

Location: California, USA
Story: Ben and Josiah are under 7 years old and due to compete in the prestigious chess competition, Caldas Novas in Brazil where approximately 1400 players from 87 different countries will compete to become a World Champion.

.hiv – A new domain to change the world
Category: Technology

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Story: By establishing the domain-ending .hiv, this company wants to create solidarity across HIV initiatives to create a new form of social business.

Haircuts by Children
Category: Art

Location: Texas, USA
Story: A whimsical performance that places children as the center of creativity, Haircuts by Children trains 5th graders to cut hair to any adults interested in becoming involved in the two-day performance.

Tour of Pie
Category: Food

Location: Chicago, USA
Story: Designing the ultimate road trip, this aspiring lady baker plans to tour the US researching the best pie-making techniques to fortify her ambitions to open her own pie shop.

The Lost Picture Show
Category: Film

Location: Boston, USA
Story: This documentary explores how digital media is changing the way we watch movies, from movie houses to home cinema to watching moving pictures via our mobile devices.