Kat/Content & Community
FOOD - Tour of Pie
This aspiring business owner wants to launch a line of pies and has already found sales accounts, including Emily's Organics! Her campaign is geared towards raising travel funds to venture across the US and research the best pie making techniques – aka complete a self-designed 'pie making curriculum'. Yum!

Kate/Customer Happiness
Two awesome women trying to bring their canning operation to local breweries, so we can have more craft beers in cans.  What a great idea!

Eric/Founder & CTO
SMALL BUSINESS - Creating Happy 
Well named perks including 'Thanks a Bunch', 'You're Awesome' and 'You are our New Best Friend'.

Erin/Business Development
DESIGN - Dog Flags
Dogs can't talk; people make assumptions; this campaign owner has invented a creative product to help humans and pets understand each other.   

Nic/Marketing Analyst
FILM – I Dream of Wires

I'm a big fan of oscillators and oscilloscopes and analog gizmo/music geekery. SINE & COSINE RULE EVERYTHING AROUND ME (S.C.R.E.A.M.)

Slava Rubin/Founder & CEO
ART - Suits for Wall Street
Great to see the suits looking so classy.

Will/User Experience Designer
EDUCATION – Chicago Spoken Word Exchange: Bulls Tattoo
By focusing on one really permanent outcome, the campaign owner was able to run a quick successful campaign without perks.