October 13, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Campaign Success Rates Double With First Contribution



Our data shows that the probability a campaign will reach its goal doubles once the first contribution is received, quadruples once it reaches 10% of its goal, and is more than five times as likely once 25% of the goal is raised.

The inaugural contribution to your campaign is the first step towards building legitimacy and will accelerate the rate at which you reach your financial goal. This is why we recommend that new campaign owners don’t sit on their campaigns. Having visible funds demonstrates to the crowdfunding community that there is support for your idea, making it attractive for them to contribute.  Plan your promotional strategy to begin the day you launch your campaign to make better use of your activity timeline.

Here are three strategies to action: 

1. Make a list of 20-30 personal relationships you know
Email each person in your immediate network with a short, concise pitch that clearly explains what you’re trying to do.  Target them regularly providing them with alternative ways to support your campaign.   

 2. Create special perks for your social media channels
Run an incentive program for the first 5 days that offers limited edition perks for early contributors.  For example, pick a duration of time in which the $50 perks are available for only $25.

3. Launch a flyer campaign in your local neighborhood
Hyper-local promotion activity can be just as effective as online.  Create posters or pull tab signs to place in local stores featuring information about your IndieGoGo campaign.