Danae/Founder & COO
Because basketball changed my life, and gave the confidence to be somebody, so too should every girl in the world have the opportunity to play basketball.  Check out these Iraqi gals hoopin it up!

Kat/Content & Community
COMMUNITY – Projective Space LES 
Our NYC home is raising funds for their newest location to keep the start up community live and active on the East Coast! 

Kelly/Content & Community Intern
WRITING – 100 Poem Challenge 
I love the idea of the challenge of a weekend full of poem writing. For Jen it is a great way to combine her passion with an action to help research around her ECC Syndrome. The campaign has already raised double of what it was aiming for, a great job!

Melissa/Visual Designer
EDUCATION – Biket Initiative
You can get help a kid in Africa get to school on a bamboo bike and a t-shirt for yourself. I can't think of a better way to spend $50!

Nic/Marketing Analyst
VIDEO/WEB – The Story Collider
Bar-Stories about science evolve into important art project about the presence of science in each of our lives! 

Erin/Business Development
Seal of Saimaa
One of my new favorite people, Jon Steinback of Foursquare, told me about this campaign at our Social Week mixer. It combines so many wonderful things: rare animals, family lore, adventure, and international exploration. Two Finnish men set out to find a thought-extinct seal and FOUND it!  What could be cooler than that?

Slava Rubin/Founder & CEO
FILM - Bring SOUND IT OUT to your town
Great team, great movie, great doc about passion and music.  It's their 4th campaign – AMAZING!

Will/User Experience Designer
COMIC – Clockwork Watch

Who doesn't love steampunks?  
Also, this campaign has been going slow and steady, using basically every tip on the checklist – I'd love to see what they do to kick it up as they hit the home stretch.