October 20, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Where to Price Your Perks


Our data on contributions shows two key insights about perk pricing:

  1. More contributions have been made to $25 perks than any other perk amount
  2. The largest amount of money has been raised through $100 perks

The Most Popular Perk


Offering an exciting and affordable perk (like a pre-release, a limited edition item, a drawing, a poem, a thank you, a seed packet, etc) within the $10-$25 range makes involvement in your campaign extremely accessible. When more people get involved with your campaign, your network widens. As a result you can later conduct outreach to your new community and gain more contributions to reach your goal.

The Most Valuable Perk


While perks at the $25 level are the most popular and help you extend your network and boost publicity, perks in the $51-100 range will support the bulk of your fundraising. These perks will help you reach and exceed your goal! We recommend having a killer perk that people will want to share with their friends.

An Red-Hot Example: Spark Arts

Spark arts

Spark Arts is campaigning to open a performing arts studio – a space where students of all ages can take classes and workshops in theater, music, comedy and movement. They offer many creative perks to their contributors. This includes a sticker, postcard, and free event (The Match: $25), a pair of free tickets to a comedy club, and a personalized comedic song/performance on the topic of your choice (The Can of WD-40: $100).

The following chart shows us which ones have helped them raise their money so far (Note: all this information can be found on the Spark Arts page data taken from 10/18/2011):



While the chart shows how the $100 perk formed the majority of the funds raised, it is important to note that they did receive significant amounts of money from both the higher and lower valued perks.


The Most Important Perks

So far,  we’ve outlined why it’s important to have at least two perks options: one within the $11-$25 range and one within the $51-100 range. If you offer the right perks they will work together to help you reach your goal.

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