November 8, 2011 · Behind The Scenes

Global Spotlight/Scandinavia: Professional Gamers & Design Trade Fairs



Located in the Northern part of Europe, Scandinavia is the name given to the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden but in relation to the geographic term of the Scandinavian Peninsula, also includes countries such as Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Finland.  The Early Middle Ages saw The Vikings populate world history yet later various Germanic kingdoms united to create the kingdoms that still reign today.  Renowned for their sleek yet modern design sensibilities,  the region is now home to what is considered to be the World’s Best Restaurant, Noma, an establishment by Rene Redzepi located in Copenhagen, Denmark and said to encapsulate all the components of Nordic Cuisine.  Their menu draws together traditional cooking methods and local produce, said to be reviving archaic flavors that convey a strong overview of the anthropological history of the region. 

Here we uncover five campaigns coming from Scandinavia:

DESIGN – Re-entry into Trade Fairs
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Story:  This small design business are eager to expand their business by traveling to both European and American trade fairs, create a new limited edition collection and enter design competitions. 

GAMING – StarCraft II Tournament Project
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Story: Geared towards creating a non-profit community for gamers, once built, Gosulife will be a global platform providing anyone with the opportunity to become a professional gamer.

FILM – Human: A Short Sci-fi Short
Location: Malmo, Sweden

Story:  A collective of filmmakers need the production funds to make their science fiction/zombie/apocalypse film about alien invaders that take over a city.

FILM – To Guard a Mountain
Location: Lillehammer, Norway
Story: Macedonian born director, Izer Aliu, might be based at the Norwegian Film School but he is using his graduation project to tell the story of a young boy learning to accept childhood, set in his home country. 

EDUCATION – Kids Need to Game
Location: Kolding Kommune, Denmark

Story: A teacher wants to improve English, math, team work and creative skills into a young community, confident that  setting up a weekly games club with materials can boost education and learning.