November 9, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Raise 80% More Money With a Team Than by Yourself


Indiegogo campaigns with 2 or more people working on them raise 80% more money than those with only one person. Campaigns with 4 or more people raise 138% more than those with only one.


30% of campaigns on Indiegogo have teams, yet team campaigns make up 57% of campaigns which exceed their funding goal.


Building a campaign with a team gives you a larger network to reach out to. It also allows you more resources and people power to create your campaign (i.e. brainstorm great perks, or create excellent pitch videos) as well as continuously update your community after you have launched.

Project Homophobia, a short film about the consequences of gay bullying has exceeded their funding goal with over a month to go! They have a dynamic team of six people working on their campaign, making videos, and sending out updates.

50 By 50

Besides all the practical benefits, working with a team makes campaigning more fun. When starting your next campaign, remember it always helps to Do it With Others (DIWO)!