Caitlin/Director of Operations
PHOTOGRAPHY – The Color of Food
I love seeing people who, driven by their own passion, work to make the world better for others.  Food sustainability is such a relevant topic for our times, all voices should be represented in the dialogue.

Catherine/Customer Happiness
SMALL BUSINESS – World's Tiniest Hotel
WHY: What better way to pick up essential organizational skills? 

Erica/Marketing Director
SPORTS - Carnegie Mellon Marauders: Premiere CMU Quidditch Team
I mean really?  Sports, Harry Potter, University Campus….everything about this campaign makes me smile. 

Jeff/Senior Rails Developer
ANIMALS - Happy Life For Animals
I love animals! I adopted two rescue kittens a few years ago and I have great admiration for people that run these animal shelters. 

Kate/Director of Customer Happiness
EDUCATION – Bags for Bliss
This is just a fantastic social venture – these women have found a way to turn education into income, so that girls in Pakistan don't have to give up school to help support their family. 

Kat/Content & Community
FOOD Bread & Circuses
American expats abroad want to launch a sandwich shop in Barcelona (one of my favourite cities in the world!) and provide a home away from home, also including a delivery service (an uncommon practice in Europe). Even better –  they will be using all local artisanal products and sourcing produce from local farmers from the region!

Kelly/Content & Community Intern
SMALL BUSINESS - What's Your Pleasure Shopping 
It's sad to read how the financial crisis is taking away opportunity for seniors to find a job. This happened to Deborah, a 58 year old single mom. She is enthusiastic about finding contributors to help advertise her online store.  

Melissa/Visual Designer
Send ICE NINE KILLS To Europe!
I know this wicked awesome band from my hometown of Boston, MA. Their music slays, they have some awesome perks up for grabs, and who doesn't love a little Kurt Vonnegut Jr. reference?!

Nic/Marketing Analyst
Publicly accessible 3D-Printer, CNC Router, and Laser Cutter! Wish this was in my neighborhood.  

Slava/Founder & CEO
FILM – Stand Strong
Female MMA fighter, Spanish, and a solid film in the making. 

Will/UX Designer
TECHNOLOGY – Free the Network 
What better sort of campaign for an open funding platform than a truly open internet? Plus, what a beard!

Yan/Director of Product
FILM – Hypnosia
I find the premise of the movie fascinating – applying the thought behind BF Skinner's experiments on mice, to human beings.