Erin/Business Development Lead

Dr. Bob's Sound School Dr Bob

Location: North Carolina, USA

The Moog Foundation's campaign to help improve music education in schools is in its last days.  Great perks and wonderful cause.  Please check it out and donate to help enrich lives through the power of music:

Kat/Content & Community


The Teenage Empowerment Paparazzo Empowerment Tour

Location: California, USA

Who doesn't love a handsome blue-eyed celebrity doing it for the kids? HBO Entourage star, Adrian Grenier, is spearheading The Empowerment Tour, an education initiative to tour 80 schools across the US over 6 months, capturing it all in a documentary film. 

Melissa/Visual Designer

Naked Cow Dairy Naked Cow Dairy

Location: Hawaii, USA

The "only diary farm on Oahu" just received a $140k marketing grant from the USDA. However, they can't yet access that money because those funds can't be used to buy the equipment they need. Their campaign strives to raise enough to to build a cheese aging room and buy a heating element for their low-temperature pasteurizer.

Nicholas/Web Developer

Allegiance The Musical Allegiance

Location: California, USA

This campaign, which has already exceeded its goal, is for a musical starring George Takei, best known as Sulu on the original Star Trek and as a high-profile gay rights activist. The musical takes place during the Japanese American internment of World War II, an ugly chapter of American history that Takei himself suffered through as a boy.

Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate

The Everything Roof Everything Roof

Location: Ontario, Canada

The About Face Collective is working to create a community rooftop garden and learning space with a twist: the creative structural elements of the garden will be designed and built by local artists and youth using recycled and reclaimed materials. Amazing!

Slava/CEO & Founder

Briefcase Board Game

Briefcase Board Game


Location: Athens, Greece

I love me an international entrepreneurial boardgame!

Will/UX Designer

George Clinton

Fundraiser for C Kunspyruhzy and What Production Studios

Location: Florida, USA

Help support the funkiest man alive: Dr. Funkenstein, George Clinton, and get a chance to rap with him on the phone…

Yan/Director of Product

Stillness Buddy Stillness Buddy

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Stillness Buddy is a great concept for an app that helps you be more present, feel less stress, and work more mindfully! We could all use a Stillness Buddy in our lives!