February 25, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

PERK POWER: A Bookmark That Really Marks the Spot & Digital Travel Logs


Whether you’re looking for perk ideas for your campaign or wanting to shop for a a unique gift, we’ve pulled together our weekly pick of some cool perks on IndieGoGo:


Help_ClayHelp Clay and Marc Recover Their Gear

Location: California, USA

Armed to use his photography as a supporting force for charity causes where he can, Clay’s for-profit business is now handicapped by some missing equipment.  In order to reestablish a flow for his business he’s raising to replace what was stolen.

PERK At an unheard of price for an 11×14 inch photo print, you can take your pick from his current or future portfolio


AegeanAegean Designs Santorini

Location: Santorini, Greece

On a holiday island such as Santorini often bombarded by mass tourists and in turn a stable ‘buy cheap-sell cheap industry’, this small textile arts studio want to expand but maintain their handmade integrity.

PERK Referred to as ‘Daily Mind Travel’, (more like necessary therapy for the winter blues), grab yourself a screensaver with images of Santorini.


Peggy-ShawPeggy Shaw Pension Fund

Location: New York, USA

Deemed ‘an aging, butch lesbian grandmother’, Peggy Shaw is a much loved artists who has worked her whole life only to be without a pension.  Now her loved ones have rallied to digitize her physical collection and share this with the hopes of raising capital.

PERK Witness this dame in action by bestowing to someone one of the publicity photographs from her early days.


AlbotrosAlbatros Bookmarks

Location: London, United Kingdom

With all the ‘following’ happening online, it’s refreshing to revert to analogue reading and the ceremony that goes with it. Remember bookmarks?  They’ve been reinvented, created by Oscar Lhermitte from France and designed to follow you as you read, ensuring you never lose your place.

PERK Get a ‘book’ of bookmarks (no pun intended)!


Elicser-SouthAfricaElicser Goes to South Africa

Location: Ontario, Canada

Invited to partake in a residency program in South Africa, Elicser Elliott, one of Toronto’s recognized street artists is fundraising to support his two month stay abroad.  Documenting his time through a travel log entitled ‘Dear Toronto’, he won’t just be making art – Elliott plans to run workshops with local communities to teach the art of spray painting and mural creation.

PERK Receive a digital copy of his travel log and an original illustrated postcard from South Africa!