October 18, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Attention Crowdfunders: Facebook is Hiding Some of Your Posts


You may have noticed recently that your Facebook posts aren’t getting seen by as many people as usual, and the content in your News Feed has changed. This may be the result of Facebook altering to its News Feed algorithm, which could be decreasing your reach by up to 40%.

Facebook, like other social media tools, is a key part of any crowdfunding campaign’s outreach plan, so whether you’re a campaigner or a contributor, it’s important to know how best to spread the word and see the content you want to see.

To make sure you see all of Indiegogo’s posts:

1. Go to Indiegogo’s fan page.

2. Put your mouse over where you’ve “Liked” us and click, “Add to Interests Lists” — now, you won’t miss Indiegogo posts in your News Feed!

One way to quickly change what you see on your News Feed is by switching the stories from “Top Stories” to “Most Recent.” This will ensure that content you see is sorted less by the algorithm and more by chronology.

Check out more tips to optimizing your Facebook content here.

If you’re running an Indiegogo campaign, make sure your inner network, fans, followers, and contributors are aware of the changes to Facebook algorithm, so that they are always kept up to date on your campaign when you post!

If you’re not actively using Facebook to promote your campaign, you should! It’s a great way to spread the word and keep people updated.

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