Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. This week, we decided to try something a little different: We let our dogs pick their favorite campaigns. While they do that, we’re taking the day off to chase our tails in the park and sleep under our desks. I can’t help but saying, “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?”



Dexter3Pub Pedals

Location: Canmore, Canada

It’s much harder to keep up with my owner now that he has pub pedals on his bike! No more falling off on his way to work.



ClementineMillie’s Millions

Location: Mansfield, United States

Though I tend to enjoy viral videos about cats, these girls used Facebook in a creative way to get their dad to get them a dog. Now, they are raising money to save even more dogs! Enough about that, though — I need someone to throw this tennis ball!



BentleyThe SpotVac

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

I don’t know who said cats are cleaner than dogs, but the two cats in my house can leave quite the mess… I wonder how many treats are in it for me if I pick this puppy up?



FujiNo Worries Food Truck

Location: Oakland, California

I have no worries this Filipino food will be delicious – I’m a health conscious pup!  I just hope they take my doggie dollars.



HunterWarren County High School Garden

Location: Warrenton, North Carolina

It’s so hard to bury a bone in the city…but with a new and improved urban garden I’ll have my own personal boneyard!



Molly2That’s My Dog

Location: El Sobrante, California

Molly here to talk about my favorite Indiegogo campaign.  Indiegogo is where Dad works.  I love food.  I love hot dogs.  They are not really dogs, so don’t worry about that.  This campaign is funny and it also is helping nice people do something they love.  That’s what’s so cool about Dad’s job.  Oh, and look at this campaign again!  Love, Molly.



monkOpen a Cat Cafe in London

Location: London, United Kingdom

I’m lucky.  My mommy brings me to work every day where my grandpa snoring, back-dancing on the rug and obsession with squeaky toys somehow make people smile & giggle. Anyhow, I think everyone deserves to smile, which is why this campaign is so great!  For humans who aren’t as lucky as my mommy who can bring yours truly everywhere she goes, this cafe brings my friendly feline counterparts to them!   Paws in the air for that!



Pepper2Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture needs your help

Location: Brisbane, Australia

**barkin’ beats // woofin’ womps // arfin’ unz**



PeytonHelp BARC Create the 1st Animal Adoption Centre in Bali!

Location: Ubud, Indonesia

You’d be barking mad not to help BARC (Bali-Dog Adoption Rehabilitation Centre) build their amazing shelter for abandoned animals in Bali. They’ve already rescued over 4000 dogs and have tons of great ideas for making dogs happy at their new center, from the puppy playground to the dedicated dog-grooming parlor! Come on, let’s BARC our heads off.



RexTotal Frat Movie

Location: Los Angeles, California

Taking pledges for a walk because I’m the Frat Hound. TF(H)M