March 27, 2013 · Success Stories

Where Are They Now: Selton, “The Brazilian Beatles”


You might remember the above video from last Fall — or from our Top 12 Pitch Videos of 2012. It comes from the highly creative (and melodic) band, Selton, who are “four friends from Brazil that met by chance in Barcelona” and decided to start busking Beatles songs in public.

After being discovered and releasing an album, they decided to produce a follow-up album via an Indiegogo campaign — ultimately raising over $10,000. While their songs — in everything from English to Portuguese to Italian — sing for themselves, their campaign was likely further successful from their sheer creativity (as seen in their video above).

Five months later and as their new album is about to drop, this creativity is once again on display in the two following teasers for their forthcoming Indiegogo-funded album:

After seeing these, we were excited to hear more about the band’s past, present, and future, so I spoke to Ramiro Levy — one of the band’s singers, guitarists, and ukulele players:

When did Selton become a band? How did you fund your album in 2010?

We started out playing as a busking band in Barcelona. Each one of us was traveling around Europe, and then randomly we met and decided to start a band. After two years playing in Parc Güell (that’s where we used to play in BCN) an italian MTV producer saw us and invited us to come to Italy.

The first record we released was funded by our ex-record label (the one from the MTV’s producer) and was a great step for the band. We played lots of concerts (3 tours around italy), started to create our fanbase and raised some money. After that, we became independent and funded our second record with the money we’d raised touring.

How did you find out about Indiegogo?

When we decided to create our crowdfunding project, we started looking through some specialized websites. It was not possible for us to use Kickstarter (the only one we knew in the beginning) because you had to be American in order to host your project on their website. So we discovered Indiegogo, which seemed to be (and in fact was) a very serious and helpful crowdfunding website —  with many nice projects that perform very well.

What were some benefits of your crowdfunding campaign?

When we created the project we tried to be very creative on inventing the perks. So we started thinking of cool things that have to do with the band’s mood. Making handmade covers, t-shirts painted by us, and sending some extra vocal tracks were simple benefits we created for the campaign. On the other hand, we had some much more complex perks, such as going to a fan’s house, cooking for them and making a “pocket concert” in their living room (Selton Delivery). Another cool benefit we offered was making a version of any song people would choose and making a personalized video for it (SeltonJukeox). Check out Selton’s perks on their campaign page!

What’s next for Selton?

After our Indiegogo campaign, we entered the studio immediately to record the album. Now that we’ve finished the recordings, we are preparing everything for releasing it. The album will be out on March 26th in Italy, and for the first time, also in Brasil. So actually, this year, we will be back and forth between Italy and Brasil — with some concerts also around Europe.

Congratulations to Selton from the Indiegogo team! Check out their website to stay up to date on the album’s release! And make sure to follow our Music experts on Twitter at @IndiegogoMusic!

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