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Top 5 Campaigns That Received Outside Funding after Indiegogo of 2013


Indiegogo Top 5 of 2013


ScanaduLocation: Mountain View, California

Scanadu Scout is a medical Tricorder that’s straight out of Star Trek and became the campaign with the third most money ever raised on Indiegogo. Developed by a team at the NASA Research Park, Scanadu pairs with smartphones to allow you to instantly track your vitals—from temperature and heart rate to blood pressure and emotional stress levels. In November of this year, Scanadu secured $10.5 Million in Series A Funding to support the company on its path to market. Scanadu has raised $14.7 million in funding to date.


Plektronio: Personalized KnitwearLocation: Burlingame, California

Rounding out the incredible health devices that 2013 brought us on Indiegogo is Breathometer — a compact breathalyzer that pairs with your smartphone to measure your BAC. After raising nearly $140,000 on Indiegogo, Charles Yim and the Breathometer team raised $2 million in seed money, with $1 million contributed by Shark Tank’s five judges including Mark Cuban.


FreeloaderLocation: Austin, Texas

Founded by two fathers in Austin, Texas, the Freeloader is a sleek, ergonomically designed baby carrier that’s portable and safe to use. Erick Jansen and Nathan Jones raised nearly $32,000 on Indiegogo to bring their product to life, then took their idea to Shark Tank to truly make it primetime. On the show, the budding business secured $200,000 from Robert Herjavec and coupled with their Indiegogo campaign, the two entrepreneurs are well on their way to taking their product to market.

Misfit – 2 Rounds of Funding

MisfitLocation: San Francisco, California

Sonny Vu and the Misfit Wearables team recently secured a $15.2 million round of Series B funding after their Indiegogo campaign for the Shine where the team raised nearly $850,000. Based in San Francisco, the company has been unstoppable ever since and continues to be an incredible example of how an established business can crowdfund hardware effectively.


iCancerLocation: San Francisco, California

iCancer sought to raise a million dollars to fund the testing of a virus that could serve as a new treatment for the cancer that afflicted Steve Jobs and many others around the world. After raising $161,942, but falling short of its goal, iCancer was discovered by a man named Vince Hamilton, an oil industry businessman who donated £1.8 million to the cause.





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