Indiegogo Top 5 of 2013

Campaign for Local Power

Campaign for Local PowerLocation: Boulder, Colorado

Two years ago, residents of Boulder, Colorado voted YES to explore creating a local, electrical utility based on renewable energy — and thus shift from their current, coal-heavy utility Xcel Energy. Their initiative was successful as they were able to get the message across that this change would reduce the city’s carbon emissions. However, this year brought another election, for which Xcel had its own ballot measure to counter progress toward renewable energy. In response, concerned Boulder citizens came to Indiegogo to fundraise for “a grassroots David and Goliath campaign to create a landmark model for how communities can take control of their energy future.” They were able to raise almost $200,000 dollars (5 times their initial goal!), and garner the support of the global community to start a revolution in the fight against global warming. Ultimately, they were able to beat Xcel in the November election, and that is how people took the power back!

Cure Black Bone Disease

Cure Black Bone DiseaseLocation: Cambridge, UK

Alkaptonuria (aka “Black Bone Disease”) is a degenerative disease that makes bones brittle, affects other organ systems, and has no cure. Nick Sireau’s two sons were born with the disease, and Nick took the matter into his own hands, quitting his job on a quest to find a cure. After spending three years seeking out relevant experts and research, he has honed in on a possible cure and turned to Indiegogo to fund clinical trials. From the UK, Nick raised almost $100,000 from people in nearly 40 countries and is single-handedly helping to eradicate a debilitating illness that affects individuals worldwide.

Fundraising for S377A Constitutional Challenge

S377A Constitutional ChallengeLocation: Singapore, Singapore

Despite being a thriving financial hub and cosmopolitan city, Singapore — like the United States — continues to lag behind other developed countries when it comes to gay rights. In reaction to this, the LGBT community and its allies in Singapore are challenging Section 377A of the Penal Code (aka the “Anti-Gay Law”) to instill further equality. They hit their goal of $50,000 in just 18 hours and doubled their goal by the time that their campaign ended. With the money raised, they will be able to cover some of the fees for their case to be heard in the Court of Appeal.

Full Page Ad for Turkish Democracy in Action

Turkish Democracy in ActionLocation: San Francisco, California

In mid-2013, the protest at Istanbul’s Gezi Park rose the Turkish people up against an increasingly authoritarian government, resulting in a violent police crackdown. To share the message of the protesters with the world, a group of concerned Turks raised $53,800 in only 7 days to secure a full-page ad in June 7th’s New York Times. The ad appeared — a landmark moment for the Turkish people and crowdfunding — and the campaign raised more than $100,000, making it the second fastest political campaign in Indiegogo history at the time.

Sending our message to McDonald’s HQ: don’t build near our kindergarten

No to McDonald'sLocation: Tecoma, Australia

A few years back, the residents and council of Tecoma, Australia voted almost unanimously against a proposed McDonald’s in their town, but the bulldozers were coming anyway. In August of 2013, these concerned citizens raised money to deliver a petition directly to McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago. Their original goal was $2,500 — they have since raised $35,625 from 1,680 contributors. Four representatives were able to fly to Chicago, deliver the petition and even ran a half-page ad in the Chicago Tribune. Some supporters continue to peacefully protest on the construction site so that the McDonald’s is not built near a kindergarden, primary school and national park in Tecoma.


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