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Top 5 Crowdfunded Products You Can Find in Stores of 2013


Indiegogo Top 5 of 2013

iSmartAlarm – Apple Store

iSmartAlarmLocation: Sunnyvale, California

Over the last year we’ve seen some amazing home security devices on Indiegogo, but iSmartAlarm was a true pioneer in the space. The Apple Store recently agreed with the 1,587 contributors to this campaign and is now selling the devices for a $250 retail price. Now the world can keep its homes safe easily without a monthly fee!

StickNFind – Brookstone

StickNFindLocation: Davie, Florida

Jimmy Buchheim, the founder of StickNFind, was inspired by his family to create an easy-to-use device that would help people find their glasses, keys, computers, and pretty much anything at the touch of a button. After raising $931,870 on Indiegogo, Brookstone recognized that this was something people wanted to see in the world and now, StickNFind is sold in their shops worldwide.

Spuni – Amazon

SpuniLocation: New York, New York

When the Spuni team discovered that most baby spoons on the market are merely smaller versions of adult spoons that make transitioning infants to solid food very difficult and messy, they developed a ergonomically ingenious spoon to make the process simpler. Spuni raised more than $37,000 and began manufacturing its product in Brooklyn, New York. Parents everywhere can now purchase Spuni for their children on

Misfit Shine – Best Buy, Target, Apple Store

Misfit ShineLocation: New York, NY

The Misfit Shine is a crowdfunding success story like no other. Sonny Vu already had the funding needed to bring this elegant activity tracker to market, but ran an Indiegogo campaign to learn more about what exactly his customers wanted to see. It was a smashing success on the platform, raising nearly $850,000 and today, the device is sold at Target, Best Buy and the Apple Store, helping people lead healthier lives than ever before and leading the wearable technology industry.

Kuli Kuli – Whole Foods

Kuli KuliLocation: Oakland, CA

During her time in the Peace Corps, Lisa Curtis recognized an opportunity to bring Moringa, a highly nutritious ingredient grown in West Africa to people in the United States in the form of a healthful energy bar, while empowering women in Niger and surrounding areas to earn money while growing the plant. Based in Oakland, California, her team raised more than $50,000 on Indiegogo and the gluten-free energy bar can now be found in Whole Foods.




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