Indiegogo Top 5 of 2013

THE BODY – A short film by Kenny Gee

Kenny GeeLocation: Singapore, Singapore

Writer-director Kenny Gee wanted to bring the crime genre to Singaporean film. If his amazingly creative pitch video is any indication of his filmmaking skills, he’ll have no trouble leaving his mark!

Prosthesis The Anti-Robot

ProsthesisLocation: Vancouver, Canada

Mad scientist Jonathan Tippett sets the scene for his amazing creation — a 16-foot tall racing robot that is controlled by a pilot at the center of the 7,500 lbs steel creature. From avatars and aliens, to mysteriously dark sound effects, you will feel both scared and excited when experiecing this crowdfunding pitch ofr the first time.

The Almighty Rhombus’s Album Fundraiser

Almighty RhombusLocation: Sudbury, Ontario

What would you be willing to do to make your dream happen? The Almighty Rhombus would mow your lawn, take you to Wonderland and cook dinner for your and your friends to make their music album a reality. You can get a taste of how they will do these activites for you, if you give in to their pitch video.


TobuscusLocation: Los Angeles, California

Popular YouTuber Toby Turner wanted to turn his animated web series, “Tobuscus,” into a mobile game that sets wizards against zombies. He kept bringing back his fans to his Indiegogo page by updating his pitch video many times throughout the period his campaign, which with a goal of $240,000 raised a total $644,301 dollars. In his last updated pitch video, you’ll get to see Toby in tears while his talkative dog steals his inception jokes – a must watch for all laughter seekers out there!

Helping A Homeless Man With A Funny Talent

Homeless ManLocation: Santa Barbara, California

Have you ever seen a man with the ability to move his bushy moustache as if it were a caterpillar or as if it had life itself? Well if you haven’t, today is your lucky day.






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