Indiegogo Top 5 of 2013

The Young Turks

The Young TurksLocation: Los Angeles, California

After recently leaving Current TV, Cenk Uygur and his team raised more than $400,000 to build their own studio with the crowd’s help for his their progressive political show, “The Young Turks.” As The Young Turks’ second Indiegogo campaign, they have become quite skilled in the art of crowdfunding and through a telethon launched to thank the contributors, the group raised a cool $78,022 in a single day to close out their efforts.


SmoshLocation: Sacramento, California

Ian and Anthony, the creators of Smosh–the biggest YouTube channel in the world–took to the Indiegogo stage to fulfill a lifelong dream: creating a video game. With the crowd’s help, they raised more than $258,000 to turn their popular “Food Battle” series into a free, Zelda-esque game that would be playable across a variety of platforms.

Hello Harto

Hello HartoLocation: Los Angeles, California

Hello, Harto! Hannah Hart of YouTube’s “My Drunk Kitchen” raised more than $223,000 to take her show on the road and come straight to her fans. She gave contributors the opportunity to vote on where they wanted her to come to and Hannah ended up being so successful that she’s taken her tour all the way to the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to spread the love.

I’m Vlogging Here

vloggingLocation: Los Angeles, California

In an in-depth documentary about video blogging, better known as “vlogging,” the well-known Shaycarl and the Shaytards will delve deep into this fascinating aspect of the YouTube industry. The campaign raised more than $200,000 to bring this documentary to life and film individuals in the US and across the world.

Ashens and The Quest For The Game Child

Serengetee BackpackLocation: Norwich, UK

YouTube comedian Stuart Ashen had written a script for a feature film called Ashens and The Quest For The Game Child and turned to his fans to make this dream a reality. He raised more than $73,000 to release the video in August and it became a smashing hit with Stuart’s community.





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