Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention.

Here’s what they were talking about this past week:

Lost In America Documentary

Love & BananasLocation: Sherman Oaks, California
“This film shares the real story of America’s million plus homeless youth. It’s a story that needs to be told, by filmmakers who can do so really well.”
– Bre D. (@indiegogocause)

We Love Paleo

QuantumDXLocation: Los Angeles, California
“I’ve never done the Paleo diet, but its always fascinated me and I’m quite certain the truth and history behind this unique diet will fascinate you as well.”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)


It's Time for R-EvolutionLocation: Canberra, Australia
“My favorite perk ever. Too bad the $1000 is sold out!”
– Liz W. (@gogoGlobalLiz)

The Bridge Exchange

East Bay Ray's Wrist and MusicLocation: Los Angeles, California
“Great project to bring together VidCon enthusiasts and poetry slammers, giving them the opportunity of a lifetime!” – Alice E. (@alicebely)

The Body Dryer

LithiumCard: The HyperChargerLocation: Nyack, New York
“No one enjoys doing laundry and towels are the worst because they take up so much space! The Body Dryer is an easy and environmentally safe way to eliminate this chore.” – Amanda H. @indiegogo)

Oldest Nursery in NY Needs Help to Grow

Fangirl QuestLocation: New York, New York
“There are so many great institutions around that are losing funding but have strong support, and this is a great example of one. This is one of my favorites because it does such great work right inside of Manhattan on the Lower East Side. Save this classic institution that has been around since 1896!”
– Stefan K. (@indiegogo)

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