We here at Indiegogo HQ spend a *lot* of time looking at campaigns – it’s great! Here are a handful we’re excited about this week. Which one is your favorite?

Weed the People

New York, NY
“Hmm…never thought I’d mention Ricki Lake, weed and babies in the same conversation! This new documentary takes an unflinching look at the underground world of cannabis medicine and its effects on health and society. Check it out!”
– Bret H. (@gogobret)

Connecting Tech City

London, UK

“This campaign is close to home. Help grow Tech City by matching the many firms looking for talent with the 40% of East London youths who are unemployed.”
– Anastasia E. (@indiegogouk)

Pixel Panties

Lisbon, Portugal

“As a video game lover and girl gamer, I’m always looking for cool related accessories. I saw these and had to have them! Here’s hoping they make a matching bra!”
– Ashley MD. (@ashlaf)

TrackR bravo

Santa Barbara, CA

“TrackR bravo is Phone Halo’s third Indiegogo campaign. While I love the product itself, I especially love that the campaign process has become their business mode. They realize the power of Indiegogo, and they’re leveraging it to connect with customers, make better products, and get to market faster.”
– Ben B. (@gilbetrar)


Los Angeles, CA

“As a huge fan of jazz, I learned a lot about the history of jazz through Miles Davis’ music, which spans several different decades and genres. Davis’ diversity of styles in many ways reflects his triumph and struggles in life, which Miles Ahead aims to document. Very much looking forward to seeing this film!”
– Ruika L. (@ruikalin)

mc squares

Denver, CO
“I work on the Indiegogo design team and we love using white boards to collaborate on projects. The mc squares portable and configurable white board system looks clever and fun to use.”
– Jamie K. (@kong_jamie)