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Essential Tips for Running an Indiegogo Campaign (Part II)


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Last week, we released Part I of our essential tips for running an Indiegogo campaign, which covered planning and launching a successful campaign.

This week, we’re focusing on your campaign’s back half – maintaining momentum and wrapping it all up once you hit your goal. Let’s go!


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1. Alert the media

Put simply, trying to land media coverage early on may not be the best use of your time. For the press to bite, they need a story that will garner public interest. And for your story to qualify, it should have already secured enough support from funders to be a sure media success. If you jump the gun and try to sell your story too early, the numbers likely won’t be there to back up any claims that you’re newsworthy.

Another consideration is the amount of time working with media and PR experts requires. If you’re not sure you have the resources to really commit to the effort, focus on the audience you already have to spread your word. If they’re genuinely passionate about your campaign, recruiting their help will likely take less effort and will build a stronger community through genuine evangelism.

  • Alternately, you can earn media credit by seeding useful content to them as a lead-up to your campaign. Provide information that walks them through the basics of crowdfunding, etc.
  • Even when you do have the numbers to verify your campaign’s success, it’s a great idea to develop a compelling hook that will entice journalists even more. Think like an advertiser – how can you present your campaign in a way that makes it too good to pass up?
  • After your campaign, follow up with the outlets that shared your story. A personal note of thanks sets a good tone for future collaboration, and if your project is a huge success, you may find yourself frequently working with a strong media connection.

2. Stay fresh…

Your favorite websites likely have at least one thing in common: they’re updated regularly, giving you more of the content you love and more of a reason to return. Similarly, your Indiegogo campaign page will benefit from keeping your funders engaged. Rather than focus entirely on enticing someone to your page in hopes of a single donation, consider ways to sustain that engagement for the campaign’s duration.

Adding new perks to your lineup is a great incentive for repeat donations, especially if they piggyback on the appeal of earlier offerings. Alternately, bringing funders along on your campaign’s journey via compelling email messages is an effective, less costly way to stay relevant . You already know your funders care about your project, so an easy way to cater your communication to them is simply by conveying information you would also find useful.

3. …But not too fresh

This is an easy one: while your campaign should keep its funders informed and engaged, we all know there is such a thing as too many emails. You’ll inevitably experience funding highs and lows (even weekday versus weekend numbers vary), so try and resist sending a message whenever you see your total stall.


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1. Leverage your list

One of the unexpected benefits of running a campaign is that regardless of its success, you’ll walk away having compiled a complete list of your funders’ contact information. This list is an invaluable asset for several reasons.

First, every one of these people has already funded you, which means they trust your judgement and are aligned with your beliefs. As such, they have huge potential to fund future projects or campaigns you may run. Second, these people have proven themselves an engaged audience, and you can count on them for constructive feedback as you continue work on the project that your campaign originally funded. If you treat the funders on your list as if they’re your best customers, there’s no telling what additional benefits may come of the relationship.

2. Onward and upward!

The best way to make the most of your campaign’s ups and downs is to treat each as a valuable learning experience. Whether you run another campaign in the future or embark on a different project entirely, the firsthand consumer feedback, communication tactics, and teamwork skills you picked up are sure to support future successes. Write these lessons down, discuss them with your team, and then take on something even bigger!

Now that you’ve got all the essential tips in your arsenal, you’re ready to go!

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