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Chicago, IL

“If you like comedy, fan girls, or Pee Wee Herman then this indie TV pilot was made for you! I’m glad to see anyone embrace their inner pop culture junkie and let us join the fun!”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)

Anywhere Fridge

New Mexico, US

“If you camp, you know about the ice conundrum: keeping food cold in the outdoors is tricky! That’s why this portable, collapsible, solar powered fridge and freezer is a guaranteed summer hit. I know I want one.”
– AJ E. (@indiegogo)


Paris, France

“One shoe, three heels. Or rather, one beautiful shoe available in a plethora of colors, three heel heights, and the design of your choice. No surprise that this functional, feminine, and fabulous shoe comes from Paris!”
– Orly S. (@orlyreine)


Torino, Italy

“Five award-winning photojournalists are committed to sharing stories from conflict zones across the world via an online magazine. Let’s support Independent Journalism with a subscription!”
– Abigail G. (@gogoabigail)

Union Capital Boston

Boston, MA

“Let’s enhance civic engagement! With this project, the more you volunteer, the more you are rewarded and the stronger your community becomes!”
– Bre D. (@indiegogocause)

Hurricane Bianca

New York, NY

“A new film starring RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio! What’s not to love?”
– Rachel A. (@therja)

The Grand Bennett EP Extravaganza

Grand Rapids, MI

“One of my favorite bands to see live, these guys are from my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. Their unique sound is at once catchy and thought-provoking – check it out!”
– Garrett G. (@garrettgrohman)

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