July 15, 2014 · Behind The Scenes

Indiegogo Goes Far Out for Burning Man 2014



With the number of Indiegogo team members who head to the playa and establish Black Rock City every September, Burning Man is a bit of an unofficial holiday here at HQ. There’s just something wonderful about a community of as many as 68,000 innovative and involved individuals coming together annually to turn big ideas into epic realities – in fact, the process is a lot like collaborating on an Indiegogo campaign. This year, we’re stepping up our own involvement in Burning Man in a big way, and we want you to be a part of it!

While Burning Man in its entirety is huge in scope, we identified three of its Ten Principles – Radical Self-expression, Communal Effort, and Participation – that align fantastically with Indiegogo’s ethos of thinking, dreaming, and doing. As such, we’re aiming to empower campaigners raising funds for those breathtaking art projects that grace the playa with all the information and inspiration we can send their way. We’re starting by hosting a live hangout with three successful Burning Man 2014 campaigners on Wednesday, July 16, from 3 to 4:00PM PDT, which you can join by registering here.


The three campaigners participating in the discussion all ran Indiegogo campaigns for Burning Man art projects this year: Dylan Modell of The Kraken; Asako Miyakawa of Dr. Brainlove; and Nina Wright of Janky Barge. Submit your questions ahead of time and the group will answer as many as they have time for! In anticipation, we’ve compiled a helpful list of additional 2014 Burning Man campaigns that previously engaged their audiences to great success:

It’s Time for R-Evolution

Marco Cochrane recently finished raising funds for the last in a series of three massive sculptures that crowned the playa over the years. R-Evolution is a great example of a repeat campaigner re-engaging an audience by offering more of what they love.

Like 4 Real

Like 4 Real’s team did an admirable job of maintaining communication with their audience – an important tactic for establishing trust and encouraging funding – through frequent updates to their campaign page and social channels.

Midnight Poutine

Midnight Poutine is an international campaign that didn’t aim for a large funding goal and knew exactly what to do with the $2,000 it asked for. From the story to the perks to the pitch video, this campaign was so well executed it raised nearly double what it set out to achieve!
Be sure to check back next week for a recap of Wednesday’s hangout. Meanwhile, you can explore all of Indiegogo’s current Burning Man campaigns here!

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