It’s shaping up to be another great week full of exciting campaigns on Indiegogo. Here are a handful of the top projects we’re talking about around the office. Help them reach their goals!

Simon’s Cat in ‘Off to the Vet’

London, UK

“The animation that brings Simon’s Cat to life is stellar, and you can practically feel the sincerity behind this project. An 11-minute color cartoon is no small feat to produce – especially with the modest funding this campaign is aiming for. Who could say no to this cat’s antics?”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)

Help a Homeless Man Get a Van & Start a Brand

Dana Point, CA

“I’ve been working with this homeless campaign owner since last November. I communicated with him via email late at night while he huddled outside of a Starbucks to steal wifi. He finally launched his project and raised $3k in the first weekend. This is the best example of Indiegogo making a direct and immediate impact in the lives of others that I can think of!”
– Josh M. (@indiegogo)

Camp Hometown Heroes

Grafton, WI

“Camp Hometown Heroes is an amazing campaign to send kids who have lost parents in the military to a special summer camp that provides room and board, grief counseling, art therapy, supplies, air travel and other expenses. Funds raised from this campaign will be used to significantly increase the number of children and teenagers served at future camp sessions and other healing programs.”
– Pam M. (@pamelot)

Are You a Reggae Girl?

Kingston, Jamaica

“Do you like futbol? Raggae? Of course you do! So why not help give the Raggae Girlz a shot at going to the World Cup in 2015?!”
– Bret H. (@gogobret)

SF Birth Center

San Francisco, CA

“Health care costs, particularly for maternity care, are increasing every year. Rates of interventions and cesarean births have reached unprecedented levels. A number of studies over the last few decades have demonstrated that midwife-led birth centers are cost-effective and provide safe maternity care. A birth center here in San Francisco will have a national impact and can serve as a model for maternity care around the country.”
– Loredana C. (@loredanacrisan)

Utilize Health

Nashville, TN

“Jessica was paralyzed from the waist down when she was 17 years old. Today she can walk again thanks to innovative therapies. Because of this, she’s started her own company that matches patients with neurological disabilities to the therapies they need to maximize their potential for recovery. She is truly inspirational.”
– Alisa C. (@alisacordesius)

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