We were honored to participate in Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) 2014, a conference where entrepreneurs and social impact leaders connect to discuss socially responsible ways to solve the world’s most demanding challenges. Now in its seventh year, SOCAP has grown to host more than 2,100 attendees this year alone.

At SOCAP 2014, we enjoyed connecting with old and new friends alike, as well as discussing the latest social impact trends. One highlight was an investor roundtable, led by our very own Danae Ringelmann, with participants from The Parkinson’s Institute, Unreasonable Capital, Aga Khan Foundation, Google, the Bridgespan Group, and more. We debunked myths of crowdfunding and unveiled how impact investors can utilize Indiegogo to catalyze grantee sustainability and amplify their social investments. Each individual shared their unique perspective on how our social and economic networks are more important resources than ever before.

In addition to the roundtable and a social funding keynote that highlighted past successful campaigns such as Kuli Kuli, we also hosted conference go-ers at a special performance by local band (and Indiegogo campaigners) Rin Tin Tiger. With good conversation and interesting stories set to the backdrop of a live band performance, we greatly enjoyed connecting with the social impact community. We showcased nine phenomenal Indiegogo campaigns during the event and exemplified how we can elevate social ventures.

Indiegogo at SOCAP 2014

See some of the campaigns that launched at SOCAP



SKYBALLS is a hot air balloon shaped like a pair of testicals to raise awareness and reduce embarassment of male cancer.

“I had the opportunity to meet heaps of inspiring entrepreneurs – one individual had  a friend that was recently  diagnosed with testicular cancer. We were able to connect and I shared our Skyballs Indiegogo campaign with her. As a result, she and her friend are now supporting us.” – Patrick Cox


CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap

CODE is a documentary that explains what we need to do to get more women and minorities interested in studying computer science to fill the growing demand for programmers.

“The energy in the room at SOCAP was palpable. The event was a perfect reflection of today’s sharing economy; people sharing stories and helping one another out.” – Staci Hartman



Miraclefeet is producing an expertly engineered brace to increase access to proper treatment for children born with clubfoot in developing countries.

“It was great to feel the energy at SOCAP thanks to our partnership with Indiegogo. The opportunity to network with other organizations who have amplified their success through Indiegogo campaigns and with impact investors created an avenue for future collaboration and partnership.”  – Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld


The Monday Life

The Monday Life is helping hospitalized teens stay connected by providing 50 iPads to 50 children’s hospitals.

“I could tell that every person that interacted with Indiegogo felt more inspired about their projects (including me). Cathy Clark’s idea of multilingual leadership is so powerful. To me… it means really valuing diverse perspectives. And that’s why I love Indiegogo – it brings together diverse communities from all over the world to support causes, like The Monday Life.” – Joey McMahon



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