You’ll often hear audiophiles refer to something called the sweet spot: that space between two speakers where the sound resonates in the best, most-balanced possible way. Enter Mass Fidelity’s ‘Core Wireless’ speaker—which embodies and boasts that sweet spot from one, tiny box. What’s more, the ‘Core’ can sync with up to nine other boxes in a home, to literally (well, almost) raise the roof with clear, room-filling sound.

The speaker features special ‘Wave Field Synthesis’ technology, which causes sound to bounce off walls, for a full, stereo effect—up to 44Hz—without the help of a subwoofer. (The Core can connect to an external subwoofer, though, if you choose.)

The multi-room system works via Bluetooth, but the speaker can host other connection options, if you’d like to plug it into a TV, for example—or even a turntable, for analog use.

The Core Wireless has multiple super powers, but here’s one of our favorites: It has a 12-hour battery life and is completely portable. At roughly 6 square-inches, the speaker can fit in your palm. Bonus? The Core will retail for $599, but it’s available now via its Indiegogo campaign for $389 (as a perk)! You can also contribute $999 and receive three speakers—something we think sounds pretty awesome.

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