funny pitch videos indiegogo

1. Sensibo – Sensibo may cut down on energy usage, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on humor! The slick star in this film, who is himself cooler than an air conditioner, manages to turn an outdated product into a new device that is transforming how we control our homes.

2. Bluesmart – We all know the fear of losing luggage at the airport or checking in a bag that turns out to weigh a bit too much. Bluesmart promises to change all of this with the first smart carry-on suitcase that anyone can use, even the traveler in the video whose outfit may be a few decades old, but his technology sure is cutting-edge.

3. Will Ferrell – As one of the most hilarious jokesters of our time, it’s no wonder that Will Ferrell’s Indiegogo pitch video would make the cut for this list. When ran a campaign to play videogames for charity on Indiegogo, he raised more than $118,000 to give hope to young cancer survivors.

4. Jet Ski for Goats – Jet skiing from Chicago to New Orleans might seem a bit crazy, but Kurt Braunohler shows us in his pitch video that he’s just the man for the job. To raise money for Heifer International to provide one goat and two chickens to a family in Africa, Kurt took to Indiegogo to create awareness for the cause and made the trip happen seven months ago.

5. Found Footage 3D – Whether you love or hate scary movies, Found Footage has something for everyone with equal parts of both laughter and screaming that many can get on board with. The gut-wrenching acting and special effects in this pitch video put the campaign over its goal of $35,000 and is putting its perks together to fulfill in 2015.