Brookstone Indiegogo partnership
November 23, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: Bringing Campaigns to Retail and Socks for the Homeless


Brookstone Indiegogo partnership
This week is all about campaigns making it big after Indiegogo. We’re kicking off a major partnership with Brookstone to bring some of our most popular perks alongside massage chairs, electric razors with toothbrush attachments, and personal hoverboards. Last week we also had a Hardware Happy Hour and pitch competition with Target, which showcased campaigners who are now being sold at Tarjay, which is how they say it in France. Through partnerships like these, our campaigners will make it not just on the internets, but in the physical world. We also had a story in Re/Code about how much skrilla our campaigns make from venture capitalists after Indiegogo. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.


Tech News

Warning: this campaign is not appropriate for hypochondriacs. After high school science class you surely know how gross the air we breathe is, but Atmotube really breaks it down. It fits in your hand, can be attached to a keychain, and will tell you if you’re breathing poison.

Atmotube air pollution detector

Speaking of chemicals, have you ever tried to spray paint art onto a wall? It’s actually kind of hard for people who don’t have talent or a stencil. The SprayPrinter will help you fake it and turn your room into much more whimsical place. By using your smartphone, SprayPrinter maps murals onto any surface that can be painted on. The campaign hasn’t launched yet, but I couldn’t wait. When it does the team will also sell the 10 best design submissions they receive as perks. I think I need it.


Traveling with a suitcase kind of sucks, especially during the holiday season when there are 500,000 people in every airport and train station. I have certainly had the experience of thinking that sitting on my suitcase was a good idea, and promptly falling right over backwards, usually onto another helpless traveler. Trunki wants you to rest your little legs with their new Journi suitcase, no matter how much of an adult you are.
 Jurni sit on suitcase

Film Crowdfunding News

The perfect Indiegogo film campaign is here: “She Started It.” It’s not about siblings in a fist fight, but about female entrepreneurs. By breaking down how these amazing founders achieved success, hopefully girls and women of all ages will see that they are capable of doing the same. Maybe they should create some kind of “Empowerment Booster Pack” with Silicon Heroes. I predict a lot of Indiegogo campaigns coming from this audience.


Everyone loves a good comeback story, and I especially love a good comeback story that revolves around food. “Noma My Perfect Storm” shows how the once-named best restaurant in the world lost its title, and got it back again. I don’t think it’s possible to determine the actual best restaurant in the world, and it sounds like Noma’s head chef agrees with me: “Do I believe that there is a best restaurant in the world? Of course not, it’s f****** ridiculous.” Language, sir.
 Noma Perfect Storm documentary

Where are they now? Indiegogo success story

Bombas socks were already cool (and better than your Costco socks) because they are engineered for comfort and athletic performance. After learning that socks are the most-requested clothing item at homeless shelters, they launched an Indiegogo campaign to donate one pair of Bombas for every pair purchased, and they’ve actually customizes donated socks to better fit each recipients’ needs. As of November 2015 Bombas had surpassed their 500th pair of socks donated, and will donate even more now thanks to the Gap. Turns out they are not just good for a nice basic cardigan; they too are donating a pair of socks for every pair purchased at the Gap up to a million pairs. That’s a lot of warm feet.
Bombas socks
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